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January 17th, 2024
It is important to recognize the value of art in addressing and responding to situations of crisis, both on an individual and collective level. By embracing art as a means of expression and healing, it…
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Survey by the Network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs)
20231210 Germany adopts Strategy.jpg
For more ambition and greater solidarity in the climate crisis
20231206 European Film Market.jpg
The European Film Market (EFM) at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival will open its doors for seven days from February 15 to 21, 2024
20231204 Getting the World on Track to Meet.jpg
The German Chancellor in the Climate Change Conference in Dubai
20231121 Federal Chancellor Scholz.jpg
“Joint work based on fair rules is more important than ever”
20230512_Exploring Science and Research.jpg
The Long Night of the Sciences in Berlin
20230510_Volkswagen is Ready.jpg
Volkswagen is ready to increase investments consistently, in particular to sustain its sustainable transition
20230510_SAPs Corporate Social Responsibility.jpg
Examining the Company's Programs for Social Impact, Environmental Stewardship, and Ethical Business Practices
20230509_Schwarz Group.jpg
The Role of CSR in Schwarz Group's Business Operations in Germany
20221012_Investing in Art.jpg
German car manufacturer Volkswagen speaks about their investment in art as a means to taking responsibility for the future
20221011_Promoting Business in Indonesia .jpg
The German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce plans for future promotion of Indonesia in Germany with three events
20221006_Strong Bilateral Relations.jpg
Uruguay a strong force for free trade agreements
20221004_Germany Funds.jpg
Germany signed a multi-million agreement in order to help alleviate poverty and infrastructure damage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
20220930_New German-African Energy.jpg
The German-African energy agreement will help Germany and African countries to leave fossil fuels in the past
20220921_O2 provides a 5G.jpg
Thanks to O2 Telefónica, the Technical University of Munich has a digital springboard for more innovations
20220920_Zero Emission.jpg
Volkswagen joined the world's largest exhibition of contemporary art, Documenta Fifteen, in the city of Kassel to introduce new sustainable mobility in the city.
20220920_Deutsche Bank.jpg
Deutsche Bank is expanding business in GIFT City, Gujarat in India
20220915_Germany - Singapore Free Trade Agreement.jpg
New Free Trade Agreement Between the EU and Singapore Leads to Improvement in International Relations
20200217_Africa’s number one upcoming business place.jpg
Mauritius Investment Seminar
20190910_South African Embassy.jpg
Ambassador Sizani and Minister Plenipotentiary Cassimjee met with Mercedes Benz members
20190822_Art Meets Technology.jpg
Creating pathways among people and cultures through media-art
20190821_Mexican-German Cooperation.jpg
A dialogue aiming to increase the wellness of producers and consumers toward the digitalization and new technologies
20190815_A Bringing Train of Diplomacy.jpg
The relations between Germany and Mexico travel at high-speed
ZEISS is running a campaign in rural parts of India to find solutions to the vision care issue
On May 24, Berlin hosted the Russian Post E-Commerce Day, in which more than 100 experts, representatives of business circles and institutions of Germany and Russia attended
20190724_Potential Increasing Prices to Fly in Germany.jpg
Germany is discussing whether to increase flight prices for environmental reasons
20190321_African Perspectives.jpg
This year the Berlin Economic Forum 2019 organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy had a special focus on Africa
20190319_Human Rights in Business.jpg
BEF organized a conference on the “Variability of Human Rights Obligations in Business”
20190313_German - Australian Business Council.jpg
A more than 20 year initiative that promote Germany-Australia relation
20190227_Berlin Travel Festival 2019.jpg
From March 8 till March 10 at Arena Berlin
20190207_International Green Week Berlin.jpg
The German Environment Agency is hosting the international environmental issues conferenceThe exhibition of food and agriculture will return, featuring displays from over 80 ministries and food producers
20190206_Plastic in the Environment.jpg
German Federal Ministry of Education is determining the extent of plastic pollution globally
20190205_The Raw Materials & Environmental Issues.jpg
The German Environment Agency is hosting the international environmental issues conference
20190123_Sweden Offers a Culinary Food Journey.jpg
From Swedish meatballs to German sausage - food fair represents multicultural food from all around the world
20181114_Czech Start-ups at the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin.jpg
Annual conference on innovation and collaboration in tech community
20181112_1st German-Azerbaijani Business Dialogue.jpg
Annual conference on innovation and collaboration in tech communityPromoting opportunities for cooperation and forming new business ties in Berlin
20181009_How to Enjoy Prague and Czech Republic.jpg
The Czech Tourism and Berlin Travel support the Berlin event: “Behind the touristic clichés”
For more than 20 years, NIVEA supports the SOS-Kindersdorf
Siemens' project has brought fundamental change to the living conditions of a local community
Deutsche Post DHL Group improving future opportunities of young people
How to help end preventable maternal mortality
Achieving more in environmental protection
20180910_Munich Re CSR.jpg
Implementation of Munich Re and ERGO’s Group-wide “Tackling Climate Change Together” project
20180910_Taking Care of Products.jpg
For more than 20 years, NIVEA supports the SOS-KindersdorfBeiersdorf continues the successful strategy “We Care”
Mastering challenges with innovative solutions
BASF’s business solutions to achieve a better quality of life
Daimler and “Engineers Without Borders”
Deutsche Telekom teaches people competent and safe uses of new technologies
20180906_Sustainability Strategy of Hannover Re Group.jpg
“Creating value through reinsurance” is the vision of the Group Strategy for 2018–2020
ADIDAS successfully established a mechanism of a third party complaint process in 2014
Lufthansa Cargo employees partner together with German doctors to help Kenyans
Experience demographic change in a creative way through Mercedes-Benz CSR Project
McKesson Europe’s Italian subsidiary supplies the Italian Navy and the Italian Red Cross with medication and health products for refugees
The world’s leading mail and logistics Group launches the GoGreen environmental protection program
The company has dedicated itself in recycling activities
Creating chemistry for a sustainable future
20180905_Social Responsibility of the METRO AG.jpg
METRO AG emphasizes the importance of social engagement
Emphasizing on “Children’s Welfare and Education”
The partnership is part of the Allianz "Encouraging Future Generations" program
Adjust coffee growers to be sensitive to their local Impact on climate
Global Sustainability Goals are the Top Priority
20180904_The CSR Activity of Bayer AG.jpg
In 2018 Bayer closes acquisition deal with Monsanto
20180904_Deutsche Bahn makes Germany read Again.jpg
Deutsche Bahn and the Reading Foundation cooperate to promote a love of reading
20180904_A New Platform for Art, Culture and Sports.jpg
ADIDAS successfully established a mechanism of a third party complaint process in 2014
20180904_Züblin AG Sustainability.jpg
Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly: the definition of the future of building
20180904_HUGO BOSS.jpg
HUGO BOSS expands its external collaboration and signs a new initiative in order to improve social conditions in Southern India
A language learning app supports refugee initiatives in a large-scale campaign
The German Lost Art Foundation hosted a Franco-German conference focused on the case of cultural assets seized during the German occupation of Paris (1940-1944)
Protection and preservation of biodiversity in Mexico
20180903_ABURY - Inspiring Change and Innovation through Design.jpg
A Company that brings together local craftsmen and international designers for a sustainable future
A Comparison of the PUMA Sustainability Reports from 2002 till 2017
Disadvantaged young people obtain sustainable jobs thanks to CSR Initiative
Promoting diversified foundations in an effort to make the world beautiful
20180831_CSR and Gender Equality in Germany.jpg
A success story of bridging the gap between genders
20180831_Actively Engaged in Shaping the Community.jpg
E.ON is seeking to make tangible contributions to the prosperity and development of the regions in which they operate
20180830_Made for Good.jpg
Deutsche Bank’s Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility
20180830_Siemens – Social Corporate Responsibility Activities in the UK.jpg
The potential benefits for the society are enormous
20180830_Continental International Survey on Innovation Culture.jpg
German Companies are Losing Ground
20180830_Zalandos Commitment to Integration.jpg
Successful Measures for the Integration of Refugees
20180830_Three Teenagers from Disadvantaged Neighborhoods have made it to NASA.jpg
The Regional Robert Bosch Foundation in Brazil Supports Young Local Talents
20180830_CSR Activities of the Porsche AG.jpg
The considered use of energy-efficient activities are firmly anchored in Porsche’s corporate strategy
A Review by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development
20180423_Breakthrough for New Free Trade.jpg
"Mexicans and Germans appreciate how important it is to view the world," said Angela Merkel
Merck Corporation Lights Up Luminale 2018 in Frankfurt with Innovative Art Installation
Bayer Foundation concentrates on four fields of action: Education and research, Health and social needs, Sports and Culture
Deutsche Telekom foundation focuses on four core areas of Education: Drivers, Opportunities, Innovations and Dialog
Siemens develops internship programs to integrate refugees
“BMW promotes development of intangible cultural heritage”
BMW Livelihood for Youth Initiative
Dancing for a good reason
Prosthesis instead of pumps - Fashion for people with disabilities
BMW Intercultural Innovation Award
20171130_Germany and Environmental Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
How Germany is Taking Steps to Combat Climate Change
20161024_Bazar Berlin.jpg
Bazaar Berlin brings products from over 60 countries, showcasing fashion, design and fair trade food from around the world
The 7th Indo-German Energy Forum reveals the energy sector’s economic potential and the cooperation opportunities among the two nations
Berlin is set to host the First Annual Conference of the Japan Economy Network
The second edition of the "Hispanic Startup Day" brought together digital entrepreneurs from around the world
Common Affairs Exhibition to Open at Deutsche Bank Art Gallery
German car manufacturer, Daimler Chrysler, created the Daimler Art Collection to promote cultural education
Deutsche Telekom Foundation provides support to the education of young people through the Deutsche Telekom Foundation
The German retail company will provide one million euro in order to alleviate some of the financial difficulties of refugees
Building cultural bridges towards constructive and solid integration
Assuming responsibility for humanity, the environment and society is a central task of Porsche
The Group integrates Social Initiatives to their Business Strategy to Increase Refugee Participation in German Employment Market
Once Again Angela Merkel Has Secured a High Ranking Placing on Forbes’ Most Powerful List
The Award for the Best Environmental Program in Germany Goes to “Think Blue. Factory”
BMW Foundation Engages in Migration Dialogue
The Centre Settles Near the Largest Airport in the World
Theatre projects endowed up to 15,000€
Italian businesses meet the German public for a new exciting project on the excellence of “Made in Italy
Audi Environmental Foundation supports wildlife conservation efforts