Indo-German Science Bond Strengthened at Berlin Event

Celebrating 50 Years of Indo-German S&T Cooperation

July 03rd, 2024
Mateu Aspa, News from Berlin
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On June 30, 2024, the Embassy of India in Berlin hosted an interactive session titled "Sharing Research Experiences & Strengthening Indo-German Science Bond" to commemorate 50 years of Indo-German Science and Technology Cooperation.

The session was designed to bring together Indian delegates attending the Nobel Laureates meeting in Lindau, along with directors, vice chancellors, government officials, and other stakeholders from Indian institutes. This gathering provided a unique platform for discussing the progress and future of Indo-German scientific collaboration.

The event began with opening remarks from key representatives of the Indian Embassy, setting the stage for a series of insightful discussions. The focus was on the shared research experiences of Indian and German scientists and the potential for future collaborations. Attendees included young researchers, DST representatives, and heads of Indian research institutes, who engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

Throughout the session, speakers highlighted the milestones achieved over the past five decades of Indo-German cooperation in science and technology. They emphasized the importance of continued collaboration to address global challenges and promote innovation. The discussions covered a wide range of topics, from deep tech research and development to the creation of new collaboration models for start-ups and established companies.

One of the highlights of the event was the participation of Dr. Stefan Walter Hell, a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, who shared his experiences and insights on scientific research. Additionally, esteemed representatives from the Lindau Council and various scientific institutions contributed to the dialogue, offering perspectives on the future of Indo-German collaboration.

The interactive nature of the session allowed for a rich exchange of ideas, with participants discussing the emerging paradigms of scientific research and the ways in which Indo-German cooperation can drive technological advancements. The event also provided an opportunity for networking, enabling researchers and officials to forge new connections and explore potential partnerships.

The Embassy of India in Berlin, through this event, reaffirmed its commitment to strengthening the Indo-German science bond. By celebrating the 50-year milestone of cooperation, the session not only acknowledged past achievements but also set the stage for future collaborative efforts in science and technology.

The event concluded with a networking lunch, allowing participants to continue their discussions in a more informal setting. This provided further opportunities for building relationships and exploring collaborative research projects.

Overall, the "Sharing Research Experiences & Strengthening Indo-German Science Bond" session was a significant step towards reinforcing the longstanding scientific partnership between India and Germany. It highlighted the mutual benefits of collaboration and the shared vision of advancing scientific research to address global challenges.


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