The Conference “Plastic in the Environment” Coming Soon

German Federal Ministry of Education is determining the extent of plastic pollution globally

February 06th, 2019
Anna Kabilova, News from Berlin
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The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) organizes the status conference entitled “Plastic in the Environment” that focuses on finding solutions to the problems of excessive environmental pollution with plastic.

Considering the fact that environmental pollution with plastic has reached an all time high, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) plans to invest 35 million euros to conduct a research project on the minimization and recycling of plastic waste until 2021. The conference “Plastic in the Environment”, which takes place in the Kalkscheune in Berlin from April 9 to 10, will help to determine the specific framework of the program. About 100 partners from science, industry, associations, and municipalities will demonstrate 18 alternative projects, the extent of plastic pollution in the world, its causes and consequences.

The main task of the conference participants is to review the overall picture of the problem of pollution and bring it to the international level, which will help strengthen the methods of struggle, as well as introduce new cooperators and investors from politics, business, and society.

Recently the Institute of Ecology created one of the related projects called “PlastikNet” under the supervision of the Project Management Agency in Karlsruhe (Projektträger Karlsruhe). As part of “PlastikNet” project, researchers organize thematic seminars and conferences, which helps to facilitate the collaboration between other projects and synthesize the result of the research. Also a general social and political influence is expected, for making work more effective and to improve financing.


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