Arts & Culture in Berlin

20240715 Concert with Lia.jpg
July 15th, 2024
Lia de Itamaracá is an indispensable figure in ciranda, a type of music and dance that is a significant part of the rich cultural heritage of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. A fusion of Christian…
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20240709 Turkish President Erdogan.jpg
Erdogan watched Turkey vs Netherlands live at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium
20240708 Radiant despite the Rain.jpg
Berlin Fashion Week showcased itself as a powerhouse of talent
20240705 Japanese Architect.jpg
Celebrating Excellence in Architecture and Art
20240704 A Closer Look.jpg
Exploring the role of women in Iran’s publishing industry post-1979 revolution
20240702 The First Quinoa and Potato Festival.jpg
The festival brought Latin American culture to Berlin
20240702 A Journey through.jpg
Trovar o Povo will perform at the Kunstraum Botschaft
20240627 Andy Warhol.jpg
The Neue Nationalgalerie put together the first overview focusing on this theme
20240627 Berlin Fashion Week.jpg
The Japanese-German Center launches a special event for Berlin Fashion Week
20240629 Manila Symphony.jpg
As a part of its European tour, the Philippine orchestra will perform in Vienna
20240619 Musical.jpg
Fostering Polish-German dialogue through the story of a wartime heroine
20240618 Finlandia.jpg
A Cinematic Tribute to Finland and Sibelius at Nordic Embassies Complex
20240607 70 Years of Indonesian Culture.jpg
Vienna celebrated 70 years of diplomatic relations with Indonesia with festivities in Maria Theresien Platz and Heldenplatz
20240606 The Culture of Africa.jpg
The Afrika Tage (Africa Days) festival celebrates the spirit of the great continent with a long festival in Vienna filled with African music, art, cultural activities, and cuisine
20240605 Lise Davidsen.jpg
The first Friday of June is set to feature Lise Davidsen, a Norwegian vocalist, performing jointly with the Vienna Philharmonic at Vienna Summer Night Concert
20240605 A City on Fire.jpg
Norwegian composer Håvard Enstad, who lives and works in Vienna, created a requiem for the Norwegian choir Vox Humana to commemorate a devastated fire in Oslo in 1624
20240611 The Turkish Cuisine Week.jpg
The Turkish Cuisine Week was celebrated internationally starting from London to Vienna and even reaching Havana, Cuba. In Vienna on May 24, there was a cooking workshop organized by Türkiye's Embassy in Vienna and the Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) in Vienna
20240604 Charangofest 2024.jpg
The festival will celebrate the melodic soul of the Andes with live performances, exhibitions, and cultural exchanges between artists from Bolivia, Chile and Peru
20240604 A Night at the Eunic.jpg
Vienna’s Eunic Austria Music Festival 2024 featured a performance by Thessaloniki-born singer and composer Alexia Chrysomallis
20240604 Pinays kick off Womens.jpg
VIENNA — A group of Filipinos kicked off International Women’s Month celebrations at the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria, calling for inclusive environments and more leadership opportunities for Filipino women
20240603 Jazz Concert.jpg
The program features a performance by the Ajo band, songs by singer Vjollca Robelli Mripa, and music from DJ Galuche
20240531 Known Artists.jpg
Starting from the feather art often admired in the West, the exhibition revolves around the indigenous art of Brazil and its changed perception in the public
20240529 Berlin will host the UEFA EURO.jpg
From 14th June to 14th July, there will be a large number of activities to celebrate the UEFA
20240529 Bilingual Play.jpg
Exploring the Complexities of 24-Hour Home Care in Austria
20240527 Kreuzberg Festival.jpg
The festival will be held in Berlin, where visitors will enjoy music, art, and food
20240522 Chilean Organizations Awarded.jpg
The award was given in Vienna for their roles in advancing educational and quality of life initiatives for individuals with special needs
20240515 Republica 2024.jpg
Berlin hosts a global gathering delving into digital society and social responsibility
20240513 Berliner Theatertreffen 2024.jpg
Embark on a theatrical Odyssey from May 2nd to May 20th, 2024, at the Berliner Theatertreffen, a festival bringing together actors and theatre professionals in Berlin
20240510 International Museum Day.jpg
For this occasion many Berlin museums open their doors for special tours and activities
20240508 Karneval der Kulturen.jpg
The program organized by people that creatively bring their passions, ideas and desires to the streets is a joyful statement for an open and intercultural society
20240507 Afrobeats Meets Soca.jpg
A Fusion of Rhythms at Badeschiff
20240507 A Postcard From The Homeland.jpg
This exhibition is showcasing contemporary Ireland through the lens of art and food
20240505 The Exhibition.jpg
The exhibition of the memories of the Mauthausen deportees can be visited at the Mauthausen Memorial
20240502 Exploring the Vibrancy.jpg
The Asian Performing Artists Lab, showcased a diverse array of talent, offering audiences a glimpse into the vibrant traditions and contemporary innovations of Asian performance arts
20240429 Design Week Opening.jpg
On April 26, the opening of the Berlin Design Week took place at the Kunstgewerbemuseum
20240426 The Embassy of Mexico.jpg
The Goethe-institute recognizes Cabrera’s contribution to the dissemination of the German language and culture
20240426 Berlin Design Week.jpg
The Goethe-institute recognizes Cabrera’s contribution to the dissemination of the German language and cultureThe festival program comprises exhibitions, talks, presentations, workshops and networking events
20240422 goEast.png
This year the thematic focus of 24th goEast festival will be placed on the identity-defining Albanian-language film works
20240420 Generation Repair.jpg
In an exploration of historical wounds and contemporary struggles, the international film premiere of “Generation Repair” offered a visual narrative of the enduring legacy of the Ovaherero and Nama genocide in Namibia
20240418 The Documentary.png
The premiere took place at the Babylon cinema on April 10th
20240416 Landmarks from Pakistan.jpg
Shahid Kamal (Former Ambassador of Pakistan) has presented the book ‘Landmarks from Pakistan’ as a practical example of cultural diplomacy in today’s world
20240325 Berlin Art Exhibitions.jpg
"The Most Important Exhibitions 2024"
20240325 Berlin Carnival of Cultures.jpg
"Since 1995, over 500,000 people have celebrated the city's colorful mix every year"
20240306 2024 European Football Championships.jpg
"The countdown is on: 100 days to go until the “home game for Europe"
20240215 Berlinale 2024 - Berlin International Film Festival.jpg
The Berlin International Film Festival, Berlinale for short, is one of the most important film festivals worldwide
20240210 Tanzolymp.jpg
Tanzolymp is an annual Berlin-based dance event for young talents from around the world with workshops, seminars and competitions
20240117 George Grosz.jpg
The special art exhibition at Das Kleine Grosz Museum focuses on the lesser-known collages by George Grosz
20240116 British Shorts.jpg
The British Shorts film festival celebrates the funniest, strangest and most exciting short films from the British Isles
20240110 The Berlin Festival for Adventurous Music.jpg
CTN Festival celebrates experimental, contemporary and electronic music in special places of Berlin's nightlife
20231210 Berlin Events & Culture 0.jpg
There's never a dull moment in Berlin!
20231106 For the Love of Liberty.jpg
Exhibition at the House of World Cultures in Berlin
20230904 Tricia Tuttle Appointed.jpg
Chaired by Claudia Roth, the Board of Supervisors of the Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH (KBB) today approved the selection committee’s proposal
20230519_Unveiling Notre-Dame.jpg
A Fascinating Journey through Time and Restoration
20230518_48 Hours Neukoelln.jpg
Exploring the Intersection of Art and Social Consciousness in the Heart of Neukölln
20230517_The World in a View.jpg
The Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne shows how media can play a central role in Japanese society
20230517_Unveiling the World.jpg
Wojtek Wieteska's Artistic Journey
20230517_Cultural Bridge Announces.jpg
The British Council in Germany promotes Cultural Bridges, a Project on Strengthening Cultural Collaboration and Social Change Through Artistic Exchange
20230517_L horizon des evenements.jpg
Doudou by Vava Dudu: A Temporal Journey into Tenderness and Imaginary Realms
20230517_The British Council.jpg
Challenging the Status Quo with Disabled Artists
20230517_Reviving Cafe Pilvax.jpg
An immersive travel back in time
20230517_Preserving the Rhythms.jpg
A Journey Through Hidden Cultural Treasures and Empowering Movements
20230516_The EU National Institute.jpg
A Cultural Extravaganza of Music, Dance, Word Art and Circus
20230516_Ireland will arrive in Germany.jpg
In the beginning of March has been announced an agreement, which introduces the season of Irish Arts and Culture in Germany in 2024
20230515_Fete de la Musique.jpg
Celebrating the Beginning of Summer with Live Music on the Streets
20230515_Exploring the Life and Work of Sanmao.jpg
Online Event Celebrating the Iconic Writer from May 19th to June 2nd, 2023
20230511_Spice Up Your Weekend at the Chili Fest.jpg
A Fun-Filled Event for All Ages with Market Stalls, Live Entertainment, and a Homemade Hot Sauce Contest
20230511_Movie Screening at the Slovak Embassy.jpg
Colette (2013) - A Tale of Love and Survival during WWII
20230511_International Museum Day.jpg
A Cultural Extravaganza of Music, Dance, Word Art and Circus
20230511_The Spanish Instituto Cervantes.jpg
Join the Cultural Activity and Experience the Joy of Women's Camaraderie Beyond Religion and Culture in Violeta Salama's "Alegría"
20230510_Womens Column.jpg
An Overview of the Life, Activism, and Works of Laura Gehlhaar
20230510_Berlin is Going to Host.jpg
The biggest and largest inclusive sporting event in the world is going to land in Berlin in 2023, an opportunity of integration throughout the sport and the competition
20230509_Womens Column.jpg
The Story of the Founder and CEO of Give Something Back to Berlin
20230509_Groove to the Sounds.jpg
Join Josiah Bruce, Benny Fiedler, Kirk Smith, and More for Ten Days of Lively Music and Delectable Cuisine
20230508_Japan has arrived.jpg
Berlin and Europe host a museum of Samurai art
20230508_XJazz Festival 2023.jpg
A Contemporary Take on Jazz, Showcasing Berlin's Music Scene with Genre-Crossing Acts and Unique Constellations
20230526_Carnival of Cultures.jpg
Experience a Vibrant, International Festival of Music, Dance, and Global Cultures
Discover the Importance of Repairing and Repurposing Objects at the Deutsches Technikmuseum Exhibition
20230504_The Arise Grand Show in Berlin.jpg
A Stunning Display of Art and Culture
A Literary Event Touring Across Europe
20230503_Pictoplasma Berlin.jpg
Engaging with the Latest Trends in Art, Illustration, and Visual Culture
20230428_Gallery Weekend Berlin.jpg
Discover the Exciting Lineup of International Artists and Emerging Talent at Gallery Weekend Berlin 2023
20230425_The Omotenashi Tradition explained.jpg
The spirit of Japanese Hospitality
A Malagasy Cultural Event
20230421_Japanisches Kulturinstitut.jpg
Intercultural Dialogue through Nakazato Katsuhito and Thomas Bergner’s Photo Exhibition
20230419_When Data Could Sing.jpg
A Spanish Artist Making Waves in the German AI and Music Scene
20230408_Womens Column.jpg
From Louisiana to Berlin: A Multidisciplinary Artist's Exploration of Identity, Ritual, and Improvisation
20230405_Indigo Waves.jpg
Re-navigating the Afrasian Sea and notions of Diaspora
20230403_Celebrating Nigerian Culture.jpg
A Look into the Exhibition and its Significance for both the Art Scene in Nigeria and Berlin
20230325_Berlin Presents an Exhibition.jpg
For the first time in 20 years Berlin hosted the 27th German Serbian Folklore Show, an opportunity for the integration of the Serbs in Germany
20230323_Daniel Boyd.jpg
Showcases the Rich Cultural Heritage of Australia's Indigenous Peoples
20230316_An Exhibition on Cuban Migration.jpg
A participatory exhibition showcasing the experiences of Cuban migrants in East and West Germany from 1964 to the present day
20230307_Was tun mit der Welt.jpg
Haus der Kulturen der Welt's Campaign Questions the State of the World and Our Relationship to It
20230111_Danish Film Festival.jpg
More than 60 of the most beautiful Danish films have been screened in Berlin's cult cinema Babylon
A festival of female creativity, with a focus on the written and spoken word
20221107 Italian Film Festival Berlin.jpg
The Italian Film Festival is bringing the beauty of Italian cinema and culture to Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei
20221015_Photography and Impressionism at the Barberini.jpg
In the 19th century, photography was a new form of art. In its "Photography and Impressionism" exhibit, the Barberini at the Potsdam Museum demonstrates the similarities it bears to paintings and the reasons for this.
20221015_Student Oscar.jpg
The stop-motion film "Laika Nemo," about an astronaut and a deep-sea diver, won one of the prizes in the "Animation" category. It was directed by Jan Gadermann and Sebastian Gadow
20221014_Armory show.jpg
At the Zeughausmesse, designers and artists exhibit and sell their work from their studios and workshops.
This year’s film festival explores human’s rights across the globe and how they can be ensured in a sustainable way with the challenges we are facing today
20221010_The Jewish Life.jpg
The new permanent exhibition in the Libeskind Building of the Jewish Museum Berlin informs about the history of the Jews in Germany from the Middle Ages to the present.
20221010_Germany’s Colonial Past Remembered.jpg
The Africa House in Berlin presents an exhibition on Germany’s colonial past in Africa, taking place on different sites of the capital
20221010_Diwali Festival Berlin.jpg
Come along to the Sage Beach Bar for a colourful celebration of Diwali, with food, music, and comedy
© Anatolii Sachivko, Angel Angelov, Apache Crew, Pokaz Trio
The Goethe-Institut in Berlin holds an exhibition of art created by Ukrainian artists
20221007_Pure Latin America.jpg
An evening filled with activities about education, culture and international relationships in regards to the Latin countries.
20221005_Tag der Klub Kultur.jpg
During the pandemic year 2020, the "Day of Club Culture" was established to emphasise the variety and significance of Berlin's club culture
After being founded 20 years ago, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival will return once again at the Haus für Poesie Berlin and the Kino in der Kulturbrauerei
20221004_Translationale Berlin 2022.jpg
Linguists, translators, interpreters and more gathered at both the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and the Maxim Gorki Theatre for the second ever translationale berlin festival
20221004_Citizenship in France.jpg
An exhibition exploring more than 200 years of the right to citizenship in Europe
20220929_Malaysian Born Painter.jpg
“Cats and Girls”- the exhibition of Caroline Wong, a Malaysian born painter living in London, sharing her work in Berlin
20220929_Watch African Films.jpg
This year’s AFRIKAMERA - CURRENT CINEMA FROM AFRICA festival will take place between 8th and 13th October and will focus on "Urban Africa, Urban Movies"
20220928_See the Vision of our Future in Berlin.jpg
The 18th edition of the Festival of Lights in Berlin offers the people a history tour of the city through light spectacles
20220926_Cultural Diplomacy at the Reeperbahn Festival.jpg
The music festival in Hamburg is at its 17th edition
20220923_Queerness in Photography.jpg
Hosted by the C/O Berlin, the Queerness in Photography exhibition offers a unique insight into the representation of identity, gender and sexuality, all through the medium of photography.
20220919_Taiwan Film Festival Berlin 2022.jpg
The Taiwan Film Festival will return to Berlin in September to showcase conceptual and artistic films.
20220916_The Day of Open Monuments 2022.jpg
Berlin’s monuments, museums, places of worship and more open their doors to visitors for the weekend, offering insight into their history free of charge
20220913_Celebrating Differences at the Woka Kuma.jpg
This weekend the Forum Factory in Kreuzberg, Berlin will host a Burkina Faso cultural festival to spread the culture to Germans
20220913_Celebrate El Dieciocho.jpg
“El Dieciocho” on the 18th of September marks Chile’s celebration of independence from Spain, alongside the day the country had their first national board of government.
From the 7th until 17th of September, the internationales literaturfestival berlin is filling the city with the joy of literature
A photo exhibition exploring Scottish culture and legacy
An insight into the biggest festival for orchestral music in Berlin
20220908_BERLIN PHOTO WEEK.jpg
A week of world-class photography showcased in Berlin
20220907 histoCON 2022.jpg
It’s time for the history festival
20201106 An interview with the Japanese-German Center.jpg
New Normal as Momentum for Further Cultural Promotion and Transformation
20200305_Why don’t We learn.jpg
Can Chinese calligraphy be a way of finding inner peace and balance?
20200228_Preserving the Aboriginal Culture.jpg
The exhibition “Desert Blossoms of Bush Medicine” at Michael Reid Berlin revealed more about the traditions and rich stories of Aboriginals, that invite to be discovered.
How art helps children in a war-torn environment
An Interview about Women’s Rights and US-Mexico border politics - Márquez speaks about her role in the Mexican Senate and her political vision for Mexico
A contemporary art exhibition at Gropius Bau
The Nord-Europa Institute hosts Grete Brochmann for a lecture on the new immigration wave
20191114_Culinary Diplomacy in Berlin.jpg
International Food and Gastrodiplomacy
A look into the Bazaar Berlin 2019, with Barbara Marbook and Mirjam Priemer
20191024_An Enduring Icon.jpg
An interview with Sarah Hougan, the curator of Mandela: the official exhibition currently taking place in Bikini Berlin
20191021_Discussion of Documenta.jpg
The Deutsches Historisches Museum held a symposium on documenta, an exhibition tightly related to German history and politics
… and how cultural diplomacy can be a tool for trust building
The former hospital in the area of Kreuzberg becomes a place of exchange for artists and visitors
Through a playful exhibition for children, the French Institute in Berlin invites you to discover the world of Ariol, created by the illustrator Marc Boutavant and the writer Emmanuel Guibert
20190826_Germany celebrates.jpg
Spreading African voices in Cologne
20190822_Italian Movie Dafne shown.jpg
The Institute of Italian Culture in Berlin is sponsoring the showing of the Italian film, which will take place at CineDí - Italienisches Kino am Dienstag
20190822_Art Meets Technology.jpg
Creating pathways among people and cultures through media and art
20190819_The Berlin Wall Run 2019.jpg
Running towards the Freedom
20190816_Learning Languages Through Art.jpg
Spanish courses at the Bode Museum
20190816_Berlin- Beijing Visual Exchange.jpg
The Museum of Photography in Berlin hosts the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Berlin-Beijing city twinning
20190814_Sultan’s Party Celebrated in Berlin.jpg
The magic of the orient comes to the Berlin for a day of festivities
20190807_Celebrating 100 years of the Weimar Constitution.jpg
On the 11th of August - Free admission, guided tours and cinema at the German Historical Museum
20190814_Man vs Nature.jpg
The garden as a point of contact between Nature and Culture
20190814_Germany-based Nigerian painter.jpg
How art can give a “voice to the voiceless”
20190814_South Africa.jpg
A space of discovery and reflection focused on new cinema and contemporary art
20190813_Fase, Four Movements.jpg
Dance performance of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker on minimal music of Steve Reich in Berlin
20190813_Festival of Brazilian regional cultures.jpg
The 9th edition of the Festa Junina has been held during the past weekend to celebrate Saints Anthony, John and Peter
20190812_Japan Comes to Berlin.jpg
A market celebrating Japanese culture gave attendees the chance to experience Japan’s rich society
20190812_Into the tradition and modernity of Kihnu.jpg
A year to discover traditional life on the island of Kihnu, Estonia
20190812_Italian Spritz night held at Osthafen.jpg
Interns of the ICD have attended an Italian cultural night based on Ita-lian food and drinks
20190812_The 75th anniversary of the outbreak.jpg
The event will take place on the 29th of August, at the Polish Institute in Berlin and musically framed with melodies from the uprising.
20190808_Korean Concert Marks Friendship Between Berlin and Busan.jpg
The Busan-Berlin Peace Concert: The Beginning of a Friendship sought create closer cultural ties between Korea, Eurasia and Europe
20190808_The Brazilian Festa Junina.jpg
The largest German festival for Brazilian culture, music and gastronomy will take place on Saturday, 10th of August, at Festsaal Kreuzberg
20190808_Rencontres Internationales.jpg
Festival dedicated to contemporary practices of the moving image by world-famous filmmakers
20190807_Lecture by sociologist Daniel Kofahl.jpg
The lecture will take place on August 8th, at the Museum Europäi-scher Kulturen, from 6pm to 8pm
20190807_Festival In Bad Homburg.jpg
Thousands descend on German town to experience Thailand’s rich culture
20190807_Big City Life.jpg
A photography exhibition about the challenges of Megacities
20190806_City Walking Tour – Das Afrikanische Viertel in Berlin.jpg
A walk through African History in Berlin
20190802_Long Night of Museums.jpg
Berlin welcomes visitors to enjoy its rich and diverse art scene
20190730_Berlin Pyronale.jpg
International fireworks competition
20190731_Discover Football.jpg
Tournament brings together players from across the globe to promote intercultural dialogue and female empowerment
20190729_Dance in August.jpg
31st International Contemporary Dance Festival
20190725_Potsdam Palace Night.jpg
Sanssouci parks and palaces in Potsdam open their doors in a celebration to the bygone glory of the Prussian Kings
20190709_Nicolás Pauls performing in Berlin.jpg
Promotion of the Argentinian musical legacy: popular Argentinian music concerts in Berlin
20190725_Young Euro Classic Festival.jpg
Symphonic Youth Orchestras come to Berlin to show their talent
20190724_Sacred Inner Union.jpg
The heart-opening medicine of cocoa for connecting global cultures
20190723_International Berlin Beer Festival.jpg
Berlin celebrates a weekend of German folk customs with beer and music
20190723_Russian Seasons in Germany.jpg
Promoting Russian culture through art, cinema and music
20190719_The Ibero-American festival in Berlin.jpg
Creating a dialogue platform between the Ibero-American countries and Germany in an artistic way
20190719_Asian Street Kitchen.jpg
Celebrating Asian Food richness and diversity in Berlin
20190719_Poland and Latin America.jpg
Discussing Polish and Latin American literature aspects at the Polish Institute in Berlin
20190717_Gnaoua Festival Berlin.jpg
A festival of music and culture from countries in West Africa
Relations between Africa, South America and Europe so farThe Occasion is the Art Exhibition "Baroque Pathways"
20190716_The Russian House of Science.jpg
Promoting Russian culture and language in Germany since 1984
20190712_Culture Meets Science in Lindau.jpg
South Africa presents itself as a research-focused nation
20190711_The Little Vietnam in Berlin.jpg
Restoring a Vietnamese market ‘Dong Xuan Center’
20190711_Echoes of the South Atlantic.jpg
Relations between Africa, South America and Europe so far
20190709_The Russians are Coming.jpg
The exhibition has been hosted by the Neue Kunstinitiative MaHe (NKI) in the Projektraum Galerie M
20190708_African Food.jpg
An event celebrating the culinary wonders of Africa
20190708_Country in Focus Chile.jpg
The American country will occupy the leading place in Berlin’s International Film Festival
20190708_Sense drink.jpg
Gathering on “Sustainable Development Goal”
20190702_Looking beyond 50 cm.jpg
Re-imagining Korean peninsula in Berlin
20190705_75th Anniversary of the Liberation.jpg
Photography exhibition dedicated to Belarussian liberation after WWII at the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin
20190705_The Thaipark in Berlin.jpg
Exploring the home-cooked Thai cuisine in a park
20190705_Filipino Youth.jpg
Music as a cultural diplomacy
20190704_The Canary Island Movies in Berlin.jpg
Promoting the unique character of the island expression of culture through the film making
20190703_Afrolynk Conference.jpg
Afrolynk Conference 2019 – An opportunity for start-ups to get things started
20190701_Upcoming Translation Workshop.jpg
Czech Center Berlin to host this workshop in early October
20190702_Classic Open Air.jpg
From 4 to 8 of July, orchestras, vocal and instrumental soloists will fire up the heart of Berlin
20190701_Benin International Musical.jpg
Vodou rythms, Electronic Club Sounds, Rock and Afrobeat all in one
20190701_A Spanish Night for All Senses.jpg
Promoting Spanish musical culture in the Open-Air Festival Mark Brandenburg
20190701_Upcoming Translation Workshop.jpg
Czech Center Berlin to host this workshop in early October
Jakarta U-17 football team is visiting Berlin for a football competition
20190627_The First Mediafluence Awards.jpg
In our contemporary digital era, influencers with a migration background are prominent ambassadors for intercultural communication
20190627_Una Notte Italiana.jpg
Potsdamer Schlössernacht 2019 will be fully dedicated to Italy
20190625_Famous South African Pianist.jpg
Abdullah Ibrahim is famous South African pianist and an icon of global Jazz of his time
The biggest jazz event, Bergmannstraßenfest 2019 will take place from 28th to 30th of June in Kreuzbergstrasse
20190625_57th edition.jpg
The fair will take place from the 21st of June to the 14th of July 2019 at the Zentraler Festplatz
20190624_Landscape and Representation.jpg
An exhibition project of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin with the support of CHB - Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
20190624_Berlin Beijing.jpg
Two months long exhibition at Museum für Fotografie in Berlin
20190624_Middle Eastern Street Food.jpg
Tasting the traditional Arab Food in a typical German Location
20190619_President of Germany.jpg
A sign of more intensive cooperation in business and culture
20190619_To Taste us.jpg
This concept is defined as the use of food in Public Diplomacy in order to foster cross-cultural bonds
20190619_Iraqi Music Performed in Berlin.jpg
Singers from Arabic countries will perform at the Arabic Music Days
20190618_Italian Street Food.jpg
The Friedrichshain venue will be set with typical food, Aperol Spritz and Campari stalls and DJs will play during the event
20190618_Art for Language’s Sake.jpg
The Cervantes Institute has organized a series of meetings to analyze the Spanish masterpieces of the Bode-Museum
20190617_Mantegna and Bellini.jpg
The exhibition will take place the the Gemälde Galerie in Berlin from the 1st of March 2019 to the 30th of June.
20190615_German Museums Return.jpg
This marks a day of celebration amongst the descendants together with Germans at the ceremony in Berlin on Monday
20190613_Remember and Engage.jpg
Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin Celebrates the Life and Work of Anne Frank on June 12 – Anne Frank Day #AnneFrank90
20190613_Write Your Song for One World.jpg
The ‘ONE WORLD’ song - a hymn for development policy
20190612_SAMA Award Winner.jpg
Sho Madjozi promotes unity through her music
20190611_The World of Russian Theater.jpg
Troupes from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Finland and France performed at the International Festival
20190605_Portugal Prepares.jpg
The Portuguese community in Germany is planning to honor the “Dia de Camões” with events in the Federal State of Hesse
20190604_Promoting Local Cultural Networking.jpg
Gaecheon Art Festival of South Korea to participate in Carnival of Cultures Berlin 2019
20190604_King and Queen.jpg
What was discussed by the Royal couple in the North East of Germany?
20190528_An Artistic Reflection.jpg
The movie directed by the Romanian Radu Jude will be screened on May 30, at the Oranienplatz cinema in his presence
20190528_A Good Movement.jpg
The Kazakh DJ and electronic music promoter Nazira Kassenova played on 25th of May, at Berghain
20190527_South Korea Meets Germany.jpg
Seoul Tutti Ensemble is coming on a tour
2019-0527_The Day of Francophone Associations.jpg
Special Francophone event as well as big flea spring market was held on May 25 at the French Lyceum, near Tiergarten
20190522_Arab Songs.jpg
Algerian singer to perform in Berlin on June 6th
20190515_Africa Festival.jpg
Celebrating African culture and music 30.5.-2.6.2019
20190514_Mona Lisa.jpg
Forthcoming exhibition at Rotes Rathaus to promote a European spirit based on diversity, tolerance, and openness
20190515_Turkeys Unique Way.jpg
Combining humanitarian actions and cultural diplomacy
20190514_The Orchestra.jpg
If Nations have borders, music does not
20190514_Arab Film Series.jpg
An Egyptian film to be shown in Berlin on 16th May
20190509_International Museum Day.jpg
One goal, many different cultures
20150509_Exhibition About Israel.jpg
1948 deals with the historical events leading to the founding of the nation
20190508_Promoting Cultural Diplomacy.jpg
The Royal Family and its role in strengthening cultural diplomacy and strong relations between the United Kingdom and Germany
20190502_The International Exhibition.jpg
Bauhaus imaginista is a joint project of the Bauhaus School, the Goethe Institute and the House of World Cultures in Berlin and will be held until June 10, 2019
20190430_The Future Last Supper.jpg
Starting the 9th of May and going until June 6th, visitors will be able to enjoy a visually powerful exhibition, a reaction against superficiality and hypocrisy
20190430_Wreaths and Songs.jpg
On April 29th, wreaths were laid in honor of Soviet soldiers on the occasion of the centenary of the German War Graves Commission
20190430_Football Connecting Cultures.jpg
Afghanistan represented among others in the football fields of Berlin
20190429_Wunderbar Together.jpg
The pop-up program will be on through November 2019, the initiative is a courtesy of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany
20190426_The German Language.jpg
Promoting the German language abroad is a focus of the German Government’s cultural rela-tions and education policy. At present, around 15.4 people around the world are learning Ger-man!
20190426_Latin American Short Film Festival.jpg
Short film festival in Berlin to showcase the best short films from Latin America
20190426_German Film About Zambia.jpg
Making Zambia’s nature and culture known through the art of cinema
20190425_The Restoration of the Aghawat Mosque.jpg
The agreement on the project which is meant to protect cultural diversity, was signed on Sunday, April 14, 2019 by UNESCO and the German Embassy in Baghdad
20190425_Contemporary art exhibition.jpg
Between March 21 and July 30, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture, will celebrate the Roma women from across Europe in a contemporary art exhibition and a series of related events
London Afrobeat Collective brings African beats to Berlin
20190424_Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Einstein Foundation.jpg
The Einstein Foundation and its promotion of cultural diplomacy
20190423_The Opening of the Fountain Season.jpg
The role of fountains in the modern city can not be overestimated as they are not only a natural source of freshness but an integral part of the cultural landscape
20190423_Objects in Transfer.jpg
The Pergamon museum of Berlin organizes an exhibition titled “Objects in Transfer,” which questions modern assumptions about cultural boundaries, and the whole notion of a separate Islamic art
20190423_South African Opera.jpg
Eddie Mofokeng performs at Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg
20190418_Addressing the Issue.jpg
Will cultural repatriation improve diplomatic relations between African and European countries?
20190416_The Musical Chronicles.jpg
The Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of Musical Comedy from Yeka-terinburg will present a musical based on the brightest pages of Russian Empire under Catherine II
20190415_International Sport.jpg
Football Bringing People Together during FIFA World Cup 2018
This article will give you a taste of culinary diplomacy.
20190411_The Black Image Corporation.jpg
A forthcoming exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau will feature selected works of the photographers Moneta Sleet Jr. and Isaac Sutton
20190410_Democracy 2019.jpg
From April until September 2019 the Deutsches Historisches Museum is all about democracy
20190408_The World of Sholokhov.jpg
The exhibition presented editions of the Sholokhov's works in different languages
20190408_Japans Flower-Power.jpg
The splendor of the cherry blossoms, more impressive every year as the trees grow older, is an expression of the friendship between Japan and Germany
20190403_Jack Whitten Exhibition.jpg
“Jack’s Jacks” is the first exhibition to exclusively showcase Whitten’s artwork in Europe
20190402_Muslim Heritage.jpg
“Dream and Trauma” exhibition hosted by the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin
20190401_Football An Amazing Tool.jpg
April 6th is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
20190328_The Bauhaus.jpg
The Bauhaus Imaginista exhibition in the Haus der Kulturen Berlin contributes to cultural connections through the history of Bauhaus
20190321_Invitation to join the German-Irish Council.jpg
Recent meeting held of German-Irish societies and the Irish community organization
20190320_The International Football Film Festival.jpg
The International Football Film Festival brings together 58 films from 24 different countries
20190319_Discovering the Culture of the Bahamas at the BEF.jpg
The BEF received Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar, Minister of Tourism and Aviation of the Bahamas
20190318_Black International Cinema Berlin.jpg
Film Festival marks 34 years cultural diplomacy in Berlin
20190315_The Youth Make 2019.jpg
German School Strikes for climate on Fridays
20190315_Australian & New Zealand Film Festival.jpg
Film and culture festival as a place of exchange and promotion of cultural diversity
20190304_Ruins of the Conflict.jpg
The exhibition “Preservation and Archiving in Times of War” is a current exhibition hosted by the Pergamon Museum, Berlin with the support of the Federal Foreign Office aiming at preserving the memory of what has been left as the result of the Syrian Civil War- and what remains
The German Capital hosts Asian Embassies social innovation and cultural exchange events and workshops
20190304_Consul General Heike Fuller Speaks.jpg
For the past 11 years, the festival has served as a tool to strengthen ties between Germany and the United States
For five years, an international project, piloted by a Berlin museum, is preparing the reconstruction pf the city
20190301_Comites Prize.jpg
Lucia Chiarla with the movie “Reise nach Jerusalem” and Giò di Sera with the project “Street UniverCity”, are the winners of the prize “L’Italiano dell’anno” 2018
20190227_Сarnival of Cultures.jpg
Annual support for intercultural relations in the multinational German capital
20190220_Official Launch.jpg
The launch of the art book was held at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin
20190219_United Voices 4 Peace.jpg
"Building Cultural Bridges through Art, Film and Music”
20190218_Japanese Sake Festival.jpg
For two days, Kreuzberg, Berlin will transform into the venue for Japanese Sake Festival
20190208 Islamic Art in the Pergamon Museum.jpg
A permanent exhibition introduces visitors to distinct art pieces from different parts of the Islamic world
20190207_Second Festival of African Writers.jpg
Enrichment of cultural horizons by discovering modern African literature
20190206_Der Geschmack von Schnee.jpg
Exhibition by Luxembourg Artist Arny Schmit at the Janinebeangallery in Berlin
20190206_February is all About Movies.jpg
Berlin 69th International Film Festival – The Berlinale (07-17.02.2019)
20190205_Berlins Most Multicultural Festival Returns in June 2019.jpg
Visitors from all over the world are welcome at the Carnival of Cultures
20190204_The Franco-German company Theater.jpg
The Franco-German theater company will play Le Dragon/ Der Drache at the theater28 in Wedding
20190204_Drum Workshop for African Refugees.jpg
Afrika Center in Berlin aims to connect people through music
20190124_Towards the Opening of the House of One.jpg
A church, a mosque and a synagogue in one building in the heart of Berlin
20190123_La Nuit des Idees 2019.jpg
A night of scientific and cultural discourse in 70 countries on 5 continents