German - Australian Business Council: an Opening of Gateways for Culture

A more than 20 year initiative that promote Germany-Australia relation

March 13th, 2019
Alessandra Angeloni, News from Berlin
20190313_German - Australian Business Council.jpg

The German Australian Business council is a business network established to foster the long term relationship between Germany and Australia. An initiative that aims at increasing mutual understanding and promoting knowledge sharing between the two countries.

The focus of the initiative is to catalyze opportunities and to share knowledge and experiences by bringing German and Australians together mainly through business networking and other activities related to cultural understanding.

The German Australian business council was created in 1997 as Australian Business in Europe (ABIE) Germany. The Council currently has active chapters in Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. Also, the board was created as a networking initiative and exchange. Indeed, the initiative incorporates and delivers diverse activities that aim to create a deeper appreciation of both countries by promoting intercultural exchange. It represents a worthwhile possibility to furthering business and cultural understanding between Germany and Australia.

The business council provides a forum for the generation of business opportunities, contacts and information exchange. All the activities are well communicated by keeping members and friends up to date with business-relevant news and events relating to Australia and Germany.


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