Exploring Science and Research

The Long Night of the Sciences in Berlin

May 12th, 2023
Charlotte Renaudat, News from Berlin
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This annual event is a city-wide celebration of science and research, where universities, research institutions, and scientific organizations open their doors to the public for one night to showcase their work and engage with the community.

The Long Night of the Sciences is a great opportunity for people of all ages to explore the world of science and learn about the latest advancements in various fields. The event includes a variety of interactive exhibits, workshops, lectures, and demonstrations that cover a broad range of scientific topics, from biology and physics to computer science and engineering.

Visitors can attend lectures and discussions on a variety of scientific subjects, participate in hands-on experiments and demonstrations, and even interact with scientists and researchers to learn more about their work and ask questions. The Long Night of the Sciences is a great way to engage with science in a fun and accessible way, and to discover new areas of interest and excitement.

The event is held in various locations across Berlin, and visitors can purchase a ticket that grants them access to all of the participating institutions and events. With so much to see and do, the Long Night of the Sciences is a must-see event for anyone interested in science and research. So if you happen to be in Berlin on 17th June 2023, be sure to check it out and explore the fascinating world of science.


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