Rémy Martin celebrated 300 Years of Cognac Tradition in Austria

The French Embassy in Vienna hosted the 300th anniversary of Rémy Martin

June 11th, 2024
Valeria Gerganova, News from Berlin
20240611 Remy Martin.jpg

Rémy Martin is a French brand which sells premium cognac since 1724. For the celebration of its 300th anniversary, the company chose the French embassy in Vienna to hold an exclusive dinner and to present its limited 300th Anniversary Coupe.

The event brought together prominent representatives of business and culture in France, Austria, and Germany in the French embassy in Vienna.

“We Dream Forward” was the motto of the celebration which stands for connecting the past, present and future. In the same spirit, the 300th Anniversary Coupe symbolizes respect for tradition and pays homage to the mastery of the cognac house.

Cognac has a long and rich tradition in Austria which inspired Rémy Martin to choose it as a location for the occasion.

“Celebrating 300 years of history is a milestone for Rémy Martin. We are extremely pleased that we are able to celebrate the anniversary celebrations in Austria in an exclusive location like the French Embassy”, said Alexandre Quintin, the International Ambassador Director of the brand.

“After all, where better to celebrate 300 years of excellent cognac production, French art de vivre and know-how than here? “, continued Quintin emphasizing on the shared tradition of Austria and France.

There are only 6724 bottles of the limited 300th Anniversary Coupe in the world, 32 out of which are currently in Austria.


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