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20190806_The Festa Junina enchants Berlin.jpg
The Brazilian colors, food and dances are ready to revive the core of Germany
August 06th, 2019
20190806_Second Annual Igbo Cultural Day.jpg
On August 17 the festival dedicated to the Igbo culture will be held in Nuremberg
August 06th, 2019
20190802_The Implementation of Dual Study.jpg
Ambassador Sizani meets Professors from the University of Baden-Württemberg and the University of Osnabrück
August 02nd, 2019
20190802_Embassy of India hosted Geethopadesham.jpg
The event promoted cultural diplomacy by merging different traditional dances, from different areas of India, in one single performance
August 02nd, 2019
20190730_Nepal’s Women Football Team.jpg
GENERATION AMAZING Promotes Gender Equality at Discover Football’s Festival in Berlin
July 30th, 2019
Promotion of the Indian culture through the art of dance
July 30th, 2019
20190806_A Woven History of Guatemala.jpg
The Embassy of Guatemala hosts an exhibition on traditional Guatemalan clothing
20190807_Embassy of New Zealand sponsored.jpg
The famous Castle Pub in Friedrichshain hosted the embassy-led event on the 25th of July