The Raw Materials & Environmental Issues Conference 2019 in Berlin

The German Environment Agency is hosting the international environmental issues conference

February 05th, 2019
Anna Kabilova, News from Berlin
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On 19/20 February 2019, Berlin will be hosting the Raw Materials & Environment international conference, organized by the German Environment Agency (UBA), focused on environmental protection in the framework of mineral and metal supply.

The conference will cover such topics as the supply and mining of minerals and metals with minimal damage to the ecological system. Participants will include: policy makers, decision makers and experts in thematic areas of the mining industry, raw material supply, environmental assessment, climate change, sustainable supply chain management and sustainable resource management. Approximately 150 international participants are expected from various fields of activity, such as academia, business, the up- and downstream industry, civil society and policy. The high-level-panel consists of German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, President German Environment Agency Maria Krautzberger and former President of the International Council on Mining and Metals (2008 – 2015).

The key goal of the conference is to raise awareness of environmental issues in national, European and international discussions on responsible sourcing and responsible mining. Given the fact that minerals and metals are one of the key aspects of economic cooperation around the world, providing citizens with a wide range of services, such as housing, mobility and communication. Therefore, one of the tasks is to ensure sustainable access to abiotic raw materials at the global level, taking into account external environmental and social costs of raw material production.

On the agenda are planned 4 main thematic plenary sessions, as well as parallel breakout sessions on the following topics:

  • Mining and the environment,
  • Responsibility in global supply chains,
  • Mining and climate change (mitigation and adaptation),
  • Options for international and European governance.

The participants of the Raw Materials & Environment conference 2019 must to reach a consensus on the fair distribution of costs and obligations related to the prevention of environmental harm in the extraction and production of raw materials, taking into account the relationship between human rights, security of supply and global responsibility.


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