20240107 Historic Decision.jpg
The European Council has paved the way for EU entry negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova
20240106 The Future of Europe.jpg
German Government statement on the European Council meeting
20240105 Promoting Africa as a Sustainable Business Partner.jpg
The German Chancellor’s statement at the Compact with Africa Conference
20240110 Southeast Asia.jpg
dangerous tensions in the South China Sea and opportunities in the economic powerhouse of the world
20240108 MLK Day Lecture.jpg
Reclaiming the 'Site of Memory'
20240117 George Grosz.jpg
The special art exhibition at Das Kleine Grosz Museum focuses on the lesser-known collages by George Grosz
20240117 Exhibition.jpg
The event will be running daily throughout the 2024 World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in the Congress Centre's Gallery
20240118 Winter in Vienna.jpg
Enchanting Christmas markets, ice skating, lively ball nights or warming up in a cozy coffee house or one of Vienna’s numerous museums
20240116 International Green Week Berlin.jpg
The International Green Week in Berlin is considered the world's biggest consumer fair for the food, agricultural, and horticultural industries
Common Affairs Exhibition to Open at Deutsche Bank Art Gallery
German car manufacturer, Daimler Chrysler, created the Daimler Art Collection to promote cultural education
Deutsche Telekom Foundation provides support to the education of young people through the Deutsche Telekom Foundation
His Excellency Alberto Correia Neto, Former Ambassador of Angola in Berlin, talks to Berlin Global
Ambassador Kheswar Jankee Opens up about Mauritius’ Potential in Business, Explaining how Positively the Deeply Rooted Cultural Integration of the Island has Affected it
Her Excellency Nongnuth Phetcharatana, Ambassador of Thailand in Berlin, talks to Berlin Global
Sitona Abdalla Osman (Ambassador of South Sudan to Germany)