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The Embassy of Chad in Berlin


Adress: Lepsiusstrasse 114, 12165 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 30 319 916 20

Fax: (+49) 30 319 916 220



The Ambassador

Mariam Ali Moussa


H.E. Mariam Ali Moussa serves as the Ambassador to Germany since December 19, 2018.

She studied Business Administration. She has worked in the Ministry of Finance and for the President. She speaks French, English and Arabic.



The Federal Republic of Germany established diplomatic relations with Chad in 1960, the second European country to do so, after France. Apart from short interruptions, there has been a German Embassy in N’Djamena since 1963. Chad, for its part, opened an embassy in Germany in 2008.

Germany is well regarded in Chad on account of the close relations between the two countries over the past decades, and thanks to its longstanding and substantial development cooperation. Bilateral development cooperation was terminated at the end of 2012, but humanitarian and transitional aid, multilateral development cooperation and projects aimed at conflict prevention and human rights protection are continuing, as are cultural, academic and scientific cooperation.

Besides Germany, France is the only other European Union country to maintain an embassy in Chad. The European Union has its own delegation there which besides acting as a development cooperation partner, has also assumed political functions since the Lisbon Treaty entered into force in late 2009.