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The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Berlin


Address: Rohlfsstraße 17-19, 14195 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 88663877

Fax: +49 (0) 30 88663879

E-mail: botschaft@botschaft-aequatorialguinea.de


The Ambassador

Amb. Sisinio Eyebe Mbana Makina


The honorable Ambassador Sisinio Eyebe Mbana Makina has held his post in Berlin since the year of 2016. Before he embarked on his diplomatic career, he studied modern European languages and international relations in Nigeria. Additionally, he worked for the Equatorial Guinean government. During his first post abroad, he worked as First Secretary of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Washington DC. He has also worked for the United Nations.



Equatorial Guinea became independent in 1968. Bilateral relations between Equatorial Guinea and Germany started to grow in 1979, with the end of the Macias’ dictatorship and the accession to power of President Obiang.

In 2005 Equatorial Guinea opened an embassy in Berlin and Germany opened an embassy in Malabo in September 2010. Germany is an important partner for Equatorial Guinea as they promote the country’s economic development.