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The Embassy of Mozambique


Address: Stromstrasse 47, 10551 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 30 398 765 00

Fax: (+49) 30 398 765 03

E-mail: info@embassy-of-mozambique.de



Julien Armando Langa



The German Democratic Republic (GDR) established diplomatic relations with Mozambique as early as 1975, the year it gained independence. Mozambique maintained close relations with the former GDR, where many Mozambicans studied and worked.

Following Mozambique’s civil war in 1992, Germany helped with the reconstruction of the country. The large number of high-level visits testify the strong nature of bilateral relations. Last year a delegation of five Mozambican members of parliament visited the German Bundestag and the German Bundesrat, holding talks with the Federal Foreign Office, and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

The main bond between Germany and Mozambique is arguably in development cooperation, as Germany is currently providing the country with approximately EUR 60 million per year. The economic relationship between these countries is also dynamic, thanks to Mozambique's natural resources, such as natural gas.