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The Embassy of Mauritius in Berlin


Address: Kurfürstenstrasse 84, 2nd Floor, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: +49 30 263 93 60

Fax: +49 30 265 583 23

E-mail: berlin@mauritius-embassy.de


The Ambassador

Kheswar Jankee

Mauritius - Kheswar Jankee.jpg

Amb. Kheswar Jankee graduated in economics from the New Delhi School of Economics, and obtained a PhD in economics from the University of Mauritius. He then worked as a professor at the New Delhi School of Economics. His research focused on computable general equilibrium modeling, political economy, applied macroeconomics, monetary policy, finance and financial development and policy, poverty and competition policy, and economic history.

Amb. Kheswar Jankee has been the ambassador of Mauritius to Germany since September 2015.





Mauritius officially opened an embassy in Berlin on 26th April 2000 and diplomatic relations between the Republic of Mauritius and the Federal Republic of Germany have existed since November 1968.

Germany is a major trading partner for Mauritius. Its exports of sugar, textiles, fruits, cut flowers and other products have access into the German market under the ACP/EU conventions.

In 1980 Mauritius and Germany signed an agreement with regard to technical cooperation. This agreement, which is still valid, lays down the basic conditions for technical cooperation between the countries, for carrying out agreed projects. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany has extended its assistance to the following fields: training, advisory and research, preparation of plans, studies and reports, assistance to experts such as instructors, advisers, consultants, specialists, scientific and technical personnel, project assistants, supply of material and equipment, training of technical and managerial personnel as well as scientists.