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The Embassy of of Egypt in Berlin

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Amb. Khaled Mohamed Galaleldin Abdelhamid


The honorable Ambassador Khaled Mohamed Galaledin Abdelhamid has held his post in Berlin since October 2019. Prior to that, he was Vice Foreign Minister of Egypt. He has also been the Egyptian representative in the Arab League and worked at the CTBTO, Vienna, and the Egyptian Embassy in Brussels. He holds a Master’s in Political Sciences and a certificate of diplomacy from the University of Oxford.



The idea of building an Egyptian Embassy in Berlin dates back to the forties, when two pieces of land were purchased for the purpose of building both an embassy and a residence. The construction of the current embassy building was completed at the beginning of October 2001.

Germany and Egypt maintain friendly relations. Germany remains committed in its support of the development of a modern and democratic state in Egypt. The federal government is closely following the human rights situation in Egypt. The foreign ministers of both countries signed, on the 12th of August 2011, the Berlin Declaration on Germany's support for democratic change. There are also intensive economic relations between the two countries.