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The Embassy of Eritrea


Address: Stavangerstrasse 18, 10439 Berlin

Tel.: (+49) 30 446 74 60
Fax: (+49) 30 44 67 46 21

E-mail: embassyeritrea@t-online.de


The Ambassador

Yohannes Woldu Habtemikael




Relations between Germany and Eritrea were first established during Eritrea’s war of independence from Ethiopia (1961-1991), when around 25,000 Eritreans found refuge in Germany.

Development cooperation was terminated in mid-2008. Eritrea has also not taken advantage of residual bilateral development cooperation funding that would have been available in late 2010 for an alternative energy project. There is little investment, meagre bilateral trade and barely any tourism. Cultural exchange is also very modest. Eritrea expects from Germany – and from other countries – more support in regard to its stance on the ongoing border conflict with Ethiopia. Many non-governmental organisations (Hammer Forum, Eritrea-Hilfswerk in Deutschland), and the German Olympic Sports Confederation are active in Eritrea, although they work under difficult conditions.