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Amb. Ilham I.M. Ahmed



In the Sudan, considerable trust is vested in Germany which was the first country to recognise the Sudan when it gained independence in 1956. Germany’s mediating role in the inner-Sudan conflicts and its long-standing involvement in science and culture mean Germany is held in high esteem.

The Federal Government engaged at a very early stage to support democratic change in the Sudan with former Foreign Minister Maas and Federal President Steinmeier travelling to the Sudan after the civilian interim government was established in September 2019. The Sudan Partnership Conference co-hosted by Germany in June 2020 to provide political and financial support for the transition mobilised funding to the tune of 1.8 billion US dollars and was an important success for the partnership between the Sudan and its international partners. Germany provided debt relief through the Paris Club and relaunched bilateral development cooperation with the Sudan.

In reaction to the military coup on 25 October 2021, the Federal Government suspended its support for the acting Sudanese Government in place since that time both in terms of bilateral cooperation and at the multilateral level. Yet Germany is continuing to provide assistance to the Sudanese population. In 2021, for example, Germany made available humanitarian assistance to the tune of 40 million euro for people in need in the Sudan.

During its membership of the UN Security Council in 2019/2020, Germany was involved in setting up the UNITAMS political mission (United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan) which is led by the German Professor Volker Perthes. Since January 2021 UNITAMS has been following and supporting the peace process and democratic change in the Sudan. Germany seconds police officers to the Mission and provides financial support.

(Source: Federal Foreign Office)