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The Swaziland General Consulate in Berlin


Address: Französische Str. 56, D-10178 Berlin

Tel.: (+49) 30 28 09 62 50

Fax: (+49) 30 28 09 62 51

E-mail: volker.stoltz@web.de


The General Consul

Volker Stoltz

Swaziland - Volker Stoltz.jpg




Germany is represented in Mbabane by a liaison office at the German Embassy in Pretoria. There is a regular exchange of meetings between the two countries, with the Swaziland government and civil society involved in issues concerning bilateral relations and the country’s development.

Scholarship programmes, micro-measures in development cooperation, and joint projects in the cultural and sports sectors and also in the area of humanitarian aid are important features of bilateral relations. As Germany is the main contributor to the European Union budget for the European Development Fund, it remains indirectly one of Swaziland’s most important donors.

In November 2006, a government delegation from Swaziland, headed by Prime Minister Themba Dlamini, was in Germany for political talks. King Mswati III last paid an official visit to Germany in April 2000, travelling to several federal states in an effort to attract German investment. In spring 2007, King Mswati III paid a private visit to Germany. High-level German visits to Swaziland are relatively rare. The most recent visit came from the Federal government Commissioner of Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid, Christoph Strässer, in November 2014. The aim of such a visit was to gather information on the domestic political situation in Swaziland.