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The Embassy of Tunisia


Address: Lindenallee 16. D-14050 Berlin

Tel.: (+49) 30 364 10 70

E-mail: konsulat@tunesien.tn

The Ambassador

Amb. Hanene Tajouri Besassi


Amb. Hanene Tajouri Besassi was born in 1972, she is married and has 3 children. She was appointed as Ambassador of Tunisia to Germany on 7th December 2020.

She received her Master’s degree  in Law and at the end-of-studies diploma from the National School of Administration.

In 1998, she joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was in charge of the relations Tunisia-Germany and then the relations with the European Union.

In 2005, she was assigned to the Tunisian Embassy in Portugal where she was the first counsellor.

In 2010 she returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was appointed as Deputy Director in charge of the Relations Tunisia-EU.

In 2013, Minister plenipotentiary, she was assigned to the Tunisian Embassy in Washington DC and was in charge of the congressional Affairs. Then, as Deputy Head of Mission she was in charge of the political issues.

Back to Tunis in September 2018, she was appointed as Director of the Relations Tunisia-EU and held this position until her appointment as Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Germany.
On December 7th 2020, Hančne Tajouri Bessassi presented her credentials as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tunisia to Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Amb. Besassi speaks Arabic, French, English, German and Portuguese.



Germany and Tunisia have maintained diplomatic relations since the 1950s. Since the Jasmine Revolution on the 14th of January 2011, the federal government is assisting the country in the transition to democracy. Between the two governments a "transformation partnership" has been signed and regular official meetings take place. In January 2015, the Federal Minister Steinmeier visited Tunisia just before the inauguration of the new government, led by Habib Essid.

Both countries are also involved in intensive and sustainable economic cooperation, which they have sought to deepen following the Revolution.