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The Embassy of Guinea


Address: Jägerstrasse 67-69, Berlin, D-10117

Tel.: +49 (0)30 20 07 43 30

E-mail:  t.knoechel@amba-guinee.de


The Ambassador

Amb. Siradiou Diallo


Amb. Siradious Diallo was born in 1952. He has been serving as the Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea to the Federal Republic of Germany since 19th October 2019.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and International Relations with honours in 1982, and a Licence Spéciale in International Law equivalent to DESS in 1984.

Diallo started out his career as adviser at the General Secretariat of the ACP States in 1986, then served as expert adviser on various topics at the EU Commission between 1988 and 1994. From 1995 he was Expert Advisor on aliens’ law at the Aliens Office of the Belgian Ministry of the Interior and at the Standing Committee on Refugees in Brussels. Later, he was Expert Advisor for the UNCCD until 2002. He collaborated with the group of companies "World Africa News" (W.A.N.), later with Euromedia International responsible for lobbying and relations to the EU as representative for public relations (accredited to the EU Parliament) between 2003 and 2011.

As an independent consultant for development cooperation, he lobbied for the EU Parliament and the EU Commission. He was liaison at Zentrum für Unternehmensentwicklung (ZUE) in 2014, then EU/ACP development cooperation adviser from 2016.

Amb. Diallo speaks French, English and German.



In the first decades after Guinea gained independence (1958), relations between Germany and Guinea were unstable, and broke down completely 1970-1975. However, following the first democratic presidential elections in 2010, relations between the two countries normalized and presently Germany is held in high regard in Guinea.

In recent years, the two countries have maintained a good economic relationship, with importations and exportations occuring on both sides. There are also several German private-sector companies working in Guinea.

Concerning development cooperation, the current focus is on Basic Social Services, Basic Education (with private initiatives, such as the German Adult Education Association; and social projects concerning World Peace Service), and Reproductive and Family Health. As part of humanitarian aid to combat the Ebola epidemic, the Federal Government of Germany provided a fund of 7,8 million euros to Guinea.