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The Embassy of Rwanda


Address: Jaagerstrasse, 67-69, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 30 2091 6590

Fax: (+49) 302 091 6595 9

E-mail: info-ambaberlin@minaffet.gov.rw


The Ambassador

Igor Cesar

Rwanda - Igor Cesar.jpg

The Ambassador of Rwanda to Germany, Amb. Igor Cesar officially entered office in 2015.

Issues such as that of the situation concerning Burundian refugees and increased progress in terms of German Rwandan relations were first items on the new ambassador’s agenda.




Diplomatic relations between Rwanda and Germany were first established in 1962 and ties between the two countries are based on trust and good faith. Both countries have embassies, based in Kigali and Berlin. In terms of economic cooperation, Germany provides strong support to Rwanda.

Key areas of cooperation include decentralisation and sustainable economic development, with a focus on the promotion of the private sector as well as vocational training. On people-to-people relationships, the partnership between the residents of Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwandan citizens has existed for over 32 years.