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Clean Technology by Linde

Mastering challenges with innovative solutions

September 07th, 2018
Veronica Bernovschi, News from Berlin

The Linde Group offers innovative solutions for handling the major challenges associated with climate protection. "Clean Technology" by Linde provides greater sustainability.

Energy and climate questions are closely connected with each other. To ensure that subsequent generations will have a high standard of living in an livable environment, sustainable energy generation and the reduction of CO2 emissions are of vital importance. This requires more renewable energy sources and new technologies to supply the various needs of our societies.

"Clean Technology" from the Linde Group offers innovative solutions that are just right for this. Linde's innovative CO2 management technologies are helping drive the transition to new forms of energy sourcing and forms of utilization, which will impact the environment as little as possible.  The company is actively involved, for example, in developing the essential process technologies that capture CO2 emitted by coal-fired power plants during combustion.

To recover and deliver natural gas reserves in an eco-and climate-friendly manner, Linde engineers are busy building natural gas treatment and liquefaction plants around the world. In the USA, Linde built the world's largest plant for converting landfill gas into eco-friendly biogas, which converts the harmful landfill gases into a gas that can be appropriately used. Fossil fuels can be replaced, for example, by bio-oil generated from CO2 and sunlight acting on specially modified algae.

The Linde Group is also a leader in the hydrogen refueling technology. Linde has gained many years of expertise along the entire hydrogen value chain and has equipped over 100 hydrogen fueling stations around the world. In addition, Linde collaborates with partner companies to explore new pathways in the sustainable production of hydrogen using renewable energy sources.

These and other "Clean Technologies" help turn the costs involved in climate protection into wise investments that secure the future. With energy-efficiency technologies and eco-friendly energy sourcing solutions, The Linde Group contributes to sustainable solutions for the challenges facing society worldwide.


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