The Russian House of Science and Culture Celebrates 35 Years

Promoting Russian culture and language in Germany since 1984

July 16th, 2019
Valeriya Kharchenko, News from Berlin
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The Russian House of Science and Culture in Germany celebrates its 35th anniversary. Located on Friedrichstraße – one of the main streets of the German capital, the Russian House in Berlin is the largest Russian cultural institution in the world.

Since its opening in 1984, the Russian House has become a favourite meeting place for friends of Russian culture and language. Nowadays, its activity is aimed at the development of public diplomacy, public dialogue and cultural exchange.

The House of Soviet Science and Culture (now the Russian House of Science and Culture) in Berlin was opened on July 5, 1984. The foundation stone was laid in 1981. Three years later, under the supervision of Erhardt Gißke and German architect C. E. Swor, a majestic seven-story building has emerged on Friedrichstraße – one of the main streets of the German capital. The Russian House is located on a total area of ​​29 thousand square meters. It is still the largest Russian cultural institute in the world. The number of people visiting the House exceeds 300 thousand a year.

The Russian House hosts conferences, film festivals, numerous exhibitions, concerts and many other educational and cultural events. There are Russian language courses, theatre and art studios, that are usually attended not only by the compatriots but also by the locals.

From autumn to the end of the year 2019, Berliners and guests of the German capital will have an opportunity to attend various events. Starting in September, as part of the Special Volk Edition project, the Russian House will host performances by the best national ensembles of Russia such as State Academic Dance Ensemble “Gzhel”, State Academic Dance Ensemble of Dagestan “Lezginka”, State Academic Ryazan Russian Folk Choir, State Academic Siberian Folk Choir, State Academic Ensemble of the Republic of Komi, and State Academic Northern Choir.

Celebratory events dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Russian House of Science and Culture will take place on October 10, 2019. The rest of the year will be filled with interesting events and celebrations.


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