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GIZ Brings Assistance to Cameroon

June 13th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Assisting the German Government to achieve its objectives in the field of international cooperation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit ( German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation, or GIZ) is offering various services for sustainable development.

In pursuit of this goal, GIZ is helping Cameroon, which has at its disposal significant natural resources and minerals, in the  development of its economy.

The company works in numerous areas, including health care provision. There is a particularly acute lack of medical care among the rural population, women and poor sectors of society. GIZ is supporting Cameroon's Health Sector Strategy and tries to provide the population with access to affordable medical care. It is helping Cameroonians to control HIV and tuberculosis, and is working to improve reproductive health and promote good quality health care services.

Since 2012, thanks to GIZ’s efforts, over 190,000 women or their sexual partners have had access to at least one form of contraception.

The firm also has another project, called Tantines (‘little aunts’), that has trained over 20,000 young women to be mentors in Cameroonian municipalities. Their job is to raise awareness among young girls of how to avoid HIV infection and unwanted pregnancies. So far, the project has proved to be very effective.

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