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Fete De La Musique Berlin 2018

When French Music Meets Berliners

June 21st, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
20180621_Fete De La Musique Berlin 2018.jpg

Thousands of people gathered around one of the many bars celebrating the festival.

La “fete de la musique” was an initiative taken by the French Minister of Culture in 1982 in the effort to spread French music past the borders of France. For centuries, French music has been widely known and listened to for a variety of reasons. Since the French language has been promoted as “the language of love from the most romantic city in the world”, it attracts all types of people. French music caters to different genres ranging from jazz to classical, to rap and R&B.

In Berlin, bars have performances happening all over the city. From 2pm to 11pm, thousands of people gather and dance in the streets of the German metropolitan city. Its popularity is due to its accessibility to all; the concerts and DJ sets are free of cost. Amateurs as well as professionals train for months for the once a year opportunity to share and contribute musically to public listeners. More than 650 shows were performed in over 140 venues in the twelve boroughs of Berlin. It is interesting to note that spontaneous performers join the concert on the day of the festival too.

The atmosphere is festive, happy and communicative. “The Day of Music Festival is an opportunity to share a simple celebration around the diversity and spirit of music,” said the Minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen.

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