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An Exclusive Return to History in Potsdam

August 11th, 2014

News from Berlin - Even Voltaire has been a guest in Sanssouci, as it was expressed by Adolph von Menze in his painting Die Tafelrunde. The Rococo Sanssouci and its extensive gardens survived to two World Wars and they became in 1990 a World Heritage Site. That unique ensemble of architecture and landscape design in the heart of Potsdam gets special visitors one summer night each year. On 16th of August the parks and palaces of Sanssouci in Potsdam celebrate the bygone pomp and glory of the Prussian Kings. The luxurious environment of the baroque lifestyle of Frederick the Great and his royal contemporaries revive for a few hours, and their doors are open for the visitors willing to travel across the ages.

According to the UNESCO, the place is “a unique example of the architectural creations and landscape design against the backdrop of the intellectual background of monarchic ideas of the state.” The park landscape was conceived by the architect Peter Lenné and the resort was considered the “Prussian Versailles”. Therefore, on the 16th everything will be illuminated with legendary charm.

Classical tunes will be performed, as it the 18th century reappeared among the gardens. But there will be also time for space for dance and theater plays, and the visitors will be greeted with a number of informal lectures to explain the exquisites and details of that time. There will be also actors with costumes moving from one building to the other. As an anecdote, Sanssouci means in French “without concerns”, and that will be the event about: peace and joy.


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