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Russian Language and Culture Exchange: Bringing Russian Literary Exports to a German Audience

January 07th, 2014

“Russian Language and Literature Exchange” An exhibition on Russian Literature and Language

Working together with the Russian House of Economy and Culture and the German-Russian festival, the Russian Embassy to Germany supports a several-week exhibition aimed at inspiring enthusiasm for Russia and fostering German-Russian relations.

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News from Berlin. January 1st marked the beginning of the Russian language and literature in Germany year and next January will see the year of German language and Literature in Russia inaugurated.

Emphasising language as a scientific component of a country’s culture and key to the understanding of it, the organisers of the German-Russian festival see the language exchange between the two nations a key aspect of their work. The event is aimed to create interest in learning Russian as a foreign language.

The exhibition, which lasts five weeks takes a look at the Russian language from a literary perspective, with the aim of increasing Russian/German language sharing and cultural exchange. It is part of the larger annual German-Russian festival set to take place in June of this year and offers an idea of what is set to come in the summer.

The days of the festival serve as a platform for projects in this field and generate multifaceted cooperation in the cultural exchange of German, Russian and German-Russian institutions and organisations.

The exhibition is open on Monday – Friday from 2pm -7pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 6pm. It takes place in room 3 at the Russian House of Economics and Culture on Friedrichstraße 176-179, 10117 Berlin.

More about the event can be found here on an open invitation as well as information about June’s festival here.

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