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President Gauck Visits Czech Republic

May 07th, 2014

News from Berlin - German President Joachim Gauck has visited the Czech Republic this week for the second time as head of state. The three day trip in the neighboring country concluded with a meeting with his Czech counterpart, President Milos Zeman. German and Czech relations have improved markedly in recent years, particularly since Social Democrats have been in office in both countries.

During his visit, Gauck addressed topics such as the crisis in Ukraine and German-Czech economic cooperation. According to the Federal Foreign Office, Germany is the Czech Republic’s largest trading partner, accounting for one-third of the country’s foreign trade. Since the early 1990’s, Germany has invested almost 20 billion euros in the Czech Republic, particularly Bavaria and Saxony, who have consistently worked together with their eastern neighbor.

The two countries also cooperate closely on foreign policy issues, particularly on fighting drug-smuggling across the German-Czech border, which has intensified recently. Gauck’s visit marks the beginning of Germany’s increased diplomatic trips to its eastern neighbors. The German Government plans to begin a so-called “freedom tour” through Eastern Europe in June.

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