EUNIC Kulturtag Connects Embassies and Cultural Institutes from Across Europe

European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) hosts ‘Cultural Day’ in Berlin

November 11th, 2016
Claire Caruth, News from Berlin

‘EUNIC Kulturtag - Bunt gemischt’ is an event designed to celebrate the diversity of European cultures. On 3rd and 4th November 2016, EUNIC Berlin will host the event for the third time, in collaboration with the Embassy of Slovakia in Berlin, the Polnisches Institut Berlin and Embassy of Belgium in Berlin.

The two-day event is designed to showcase the variety of cultures in Europe through a range of events, which will take place in different European cultural institutes in Berlin. The idea is not only to celebrate the individual culture of each country, but to present them together as a celebration of the diversity and a symbol of the unity of the cultures of Europe.

The cultural institutes of Slovakia, Italy, Malta and Portugal are coming together on 3rd November to present a reading of fairy tales from each country in the German language. This will be followed by a reading of modern fairy tales from Sweden and Romania at two local schools, where students will listen to authors and illustrators read the fairy tales before having a discussion with them. Organised by the cultural institutes of Romania and Sweden, this will provide German children with a unique insight into the cultures of these countries.

In the evening, the Polnisches Institut will host the ‘Great Feast of Languages: Translating Shakespeare’ project. The event is a collaboration between the cultural institutes of Romania, Spain, Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom, and will showcase unique new translations of famous sections of Shakespeare’s plays into each institute’s language, documented on film.

In addition to this, the event will include presentations on the influence of Shakespeare on the literature of each respective country.

Finally, the event will be concluded with a celebratory concert, hosted by the Turkish and Romanian cultural institutes. An ensemble of Turkish, Polish and German musicians will come together to present works by Ali Ufkî Bey, who is one of the best representatives of Turkish classical music.

The event will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the coming together of cultural institutes from across Europe to present their cultures in unity.


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