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From New York City to Berlin: BADFISH

The Bar that Brings the Atmosphere of New York Venues to Prenzlauer Berg

May 30th, 2016
Marina Bartolomé, News from Berlin

Badfish is more than just a normal pub around the corner. It does not only have a fantastic relaxed ambiance but it also has one of the most interesting comedy shows of the city. The bar offers delicious draft beer, classic cocktails and, above all, a terrifying whisky selection. At the same time, they also celebrate American traditions and host comedy stand-ups once per month.

Badfish was founded with the idea of bringing a piece of New York City to the streets of Berlin. The bar is small but has big tables and comfortable seats, and the decoration is just what you would expect from a place like this: drink bottles, blackboards announcing the best drinks in town and alcohol brands' signs. The staff is particularly nice, even when is busy the always have time to welcome you with a smile.

Regarding the North American connection, Badfish offers a series of American-related events through the year that are perfect for tourists that do not want to miss their traditional festivities, or for foreign people who live in Berlin and want to be part of the America's cultural events. Some of the events that they celebrate are the Independence Day of the United States, the Canada Day, the Halloween party, the Christmas celebration and the St. Patrick’s Day.

In addition, now that summer is coming, they have started hosting comedian stand-ups once per month. With these shows new and old English-speaking comedians from all around the world participate in making the selected Tuesday night a great opportunity for meeting people, discovering a little bit more about some international stereotypes and enjoy the perfect comedy show.


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