Embassy of New Zealand sponsored Kiwi-German Meet up

The famous Castle Pub in Friedrichshain hosted the embassy-led event on the 25th of July

August 07th, 2019
20190807_Embassy of New Zealand sponsored.jpg

The event was focused on cultural diplomacy through food, that is to say, promoting New Zealand culture through offering guests beer and pies, in order to facilitate the Kiwi-German meet up.

On the 25th of July, in the prominent pub the Castle, located in Friedrichshain, an event led by the New Zealand Embassy took place. The event aimed at reuniting Kiwis and Germans living in Berlin, and it focused around beers and pies, there were in fact 50 beers on tap and different kinds of pie, as for instance mince and cheese pies, steak and cheese, pepper steak, chicken and mushroom and curried vegetable for the vegetarians. Each pie costed 5 euros, and there was also a limited number of sausage rolls available.

The Castle, which has an additional branch in Mitte, has previously hosted embassy-led events, as for instance an informational event organised by the British Embassy last June. Due to the big spaces and the English-Speaking staff, it constitutes a friendly environment for Anglo-Saxons resident in Berlin to come together for food and drinks.


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