Luxembourg Embassy Hosts Aperitif and Film Screening of Award-Winning Movie "Corsage"

Vicky Krieps Starring as Empress Elisabeth

March 28th, 2023
Alexandre Antierens, News from Berlin
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On March 28th and 30th, 2023, the Embassy of Luxembourg hosted an evening event that included an aperitif and a film screening of the award-winning movie "Corsage". The film, co-produced by the Luxembourg-based production company Samsa, stars Vicky Krieps, a Luxembourg actress who plays Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary in the late 1870s. The story follows the Empress as she rebels against her carefully orchestrated public image upon turning 40.

The film has received several accolades, including the Best Film award in the official main competition at the 66th London Film Festival in October 2022. Vicky Krieps was also awarded the prestigious Best “Un Certain Regard” Performance Award at the Cannes Film Festival for her outstanding portrayal of Empress Elisabeth. The movie was filmed in Luxembourg and Austria from March to July 2021.

More than 114 guests attended the Embassy screenings and were captivated by Vicky Krieps' unconventional and combative interpretation of the Austro-Hungarian Empress. The film presents a fresh perspective on the Empress, one that differs from the classic film adaptations. The Embassy was pleased to welcome Samsa Film producer Bernard Michaux to the first screening, who provided exciting details about the film's history and filming, some of which took place in Luxembourg.

The evening event provided a unique opportunity for guests to experience Luxembourg's rich cultural heritage and cinema industry. The Embassy of Luxembourg's initiative to showcase its film industry is an excellent way to promote the country's creative talents and attract more international attention to its cinema. The film's success at international film festivals is a testament to the quality of Luxembourg's film production and its growing reputation in the global film industry.

Overall, the "Corsage" evening was a successful event that showcased Luxembourg's cultural and creative talents. The combination of an aperitif and a film screening is an excellent way to promote Luxembourg's cinema industry and create an immersive experience for guests. The Embassy of Luxembourg's efforts to promote the country's film industry is commendable and will undoubtedly bring more recognition to its creative talents in the future.


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