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And the Golden Bear goes to…

Who will win the prize for the best film at the Berlinale 2015?

February 02nd, 2015

The biggest question of the Berlinale Film Festival will be, who is the winner of the Golden Bear for the best Film 2015? Who is the successor of last year’s winner  “Black Coal, Thin Ice” by Bai Ri Yan Huo? On January 29th Berlinale’s jury was announced, consisting of several established names in the film industry. Director of “Noah” and “Black Swan”, Darren Aronofsky will be president of the jury. Perhaps France’s best-known actress, Audrey Tautou (“Amelie”, “Da Vinci Code”, “Coco Before Chanel”) will also cast her vote. But which of the 441 films of this year’s Berlinale is in with a good chance?

“Als wir träumten” by British director Andrew Haigh is a movie about four youngsters whose lives change completely after the collapse of East Germany. Whilst there is nothing, they do everything. Based on the book from 2006, the movie shows the situation of the youth enjoying their freedom after the Germans are reunited.

“45 years” by director Andrew Haigh is about a married couple preparing for their 45th wedding anniversary. Husband Geoff is struck by news of his ex-girlfriend. She died in an accident in the Alps, but her body was found intact, frozen in the ice. Geoff and his wife Kate are unable to come to terms with the situation and it becomes difficult to share their worries and ideas, even though their anniversary is getting closer and closer.

The Romanian director Radu Jude takes a shot at the Golden Bear with his black-and-white film “Aferim!”. A gendarme and his son are looking for a gypsy slave in the middle of Wallachia. It is 1835 and many people hold prejudices against each other. Social, religious and national identities determine the ideas people have about each other. Finding the gypsy is not the only adventure the two riders will encounter.

The opening film of the Berlinale Film Festival is also one not to forget. “Nadie Quiere La Noche” takes the audience back to 1908, where a women is pursuing her husband, a famous Arctic explorer. She reaches the base camp after great sacrifice and has to stay in an igloo with an Inuit lady. It becomes clear that they are much more alike than she would have thought.
Last year’s opening film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, won the Big Prize of the Jury.