The Living City of the Future

Proposition for an alternative lifestyle with environmental and sustainable purposes.

June 19th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
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The Swedish Embassy has organized a seminar which was part of the Diplomacy for Sustainability Program during the European Sustainable Development Week in Berlin 2019, aimed to target the most important issues and concerns regarding the environment and climate change.

The seminar has reunited city planners, researchers, policy makers and youth will show and explain the possibilities and the process of building more sustainable cities and how can everybody can collaborate in the construction of new more conscious societies. As the people mostly live in the big cities nowadays and the rural exodus is already noticed by everyone, this must be the focus of the todays environmental policies and actions, experts say. Moreover, due to the overpopulation of the bug cities, its damaging impact is affecting also the countryside, where the main consequences of the climate change are noticed the most.

It took place on June 3rd and represented the Nordic countries will make an impact on the climate change struggle and leader the change to a more sustainable and conscious way of life.

The event took place in Nordic Embassies Headquarters, a joint institution with 5 Nordic countries representations: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.


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