The Embassy of Tanzania Participates in ‘My Tanzania’ Roadshow to Promote Tourism in Eastern Europe

Together with KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd, the Embassy of Tanzania fostered business partnerships and Tanzanian tourism attractions in Warsaw, Kraków, Budapest, and Prague

April 26th, 2023
Chiara Maccio’, News from Berlin

Kwibuka is an annual event that started in Rwanda to commemorate the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. The event takes place every year from April 7th to April 13th, and it is a time for the country to come together and remember the victims of the genocide.

From March 20th-24th 2023, the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Berlin in partnership with the Government of Tanzania and KiliFair Company Ltd of Tanzania, organized and participated in the 'My Tanzania' Roadshow Eastern Europe Tourism Exhibition. This exhibition was held in four cities in Eastern Europe, namely Warsaw, Kraków, Budapest and Prague. The primary objective of this exhibition was to connect Tanzanian tourism stakeholders with their counterparts from Eastern European countries, allowing them to promote Tanzanian tourism attractions and explore new markets and business opportunities.

Tanzania is a popular tourist destination, with over 1.5 million international tourists visiting the country in 2019, including more than 30,000 visitors from Eastern Europe. This market is relatively new but is rapidly growing, presenting significant potential for new business contacts. In 2019, Poland formed the 10th largest group of travellers to Tanzania. Still, by January to July 2022, it has already become the fourth-largest source for Tanzania, with 29,000 visitors, and the largest for Zanzibar, with almost 25,000 visitors. Eastern European visitors mainly enjoy the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar, but safari tours and mountain climbs are also becoming increasingly popular.

This exhibition was unique because it focused primarily on bringing together important stakeholders who sell and buy Tanzanian tourism products, unlike other tourism fairs involving various countries. The 'My Tanzania' Roadshow Eastern Europe Tourism Exhibition provided a platform for companies and government institutions involved in Tanzania's tourism sector to meet and connect with institutions and companies doing tourism business in Eastern European countries. Exhibitors, including safari companies, hotels, lodges, airlines, and tourism authorities from Tanzania, meet with 25-40 selected travel trade professionals in each of the four different cities. Unlike other roadshows, KILIFAIR "My Tanzania" Roadshows are entirely invitation-based, and the buyers are carefully chosen from the KILIFAIR database to ensure the best agent/buyer quality. The exhibition was an incredible opportunity for exhibitors to learn more about the travel needs, culture, and customs of each hosting country, further promoting Tanzania's tourism attractions and culture.


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