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Experimental Art to Rediscover the City

August 08th, 2014

News from Berlin - Berlin will hold artists from all over the world in the B_Tour. Berliners and visitors would have the chance to discover the city from a total different perspective from today until the 10th of August. Those tours are a new hybrid form of public art performed by 27 artists from 12 different countries. This is a way to rethink Berlin through seventeen urban tours, meant to be an art strategy. To summarize, it is a new way of storytelling in an innovative and experimental way that highlights not only the city, but also their secret places.

At the events, there will be not only artists, but also, scientists, urban planners and architects. Therefore all the Fine Arts are expected to be covered. As an example, A day in the life of… will weave through the neighborhoods of Berlin. It is a voyeuristic experience where unexpected encounters may happen: someone reading from a bed, baking a cake or going to a grocery. The intimate world became a piece of art.

The Schlafgänger explores and reflects on the unconventional and informal solutions to help to cover a rising rent, in different places that have arisen out of necessity. The French artist François Lombarts focuses on physically experiencing, researching and defining the various aspects of public space. Another instance is Field of Sensibilities. The concept of this project is to perceive the Tempelhofer Feld through the senses. The tour aims the participants to engage in a collage of flavors and landscapes coexisting in this space. Mitte, Wedding, Neukölln, Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg are only some of the sites audience will be invited to tour during this tour of Berlin. More information can be found in the web page www.b-tour.org

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