Celebrating 61 Years of Madaraka Day

Honoring Kenya’s Past and Future on Madaraka Day in Vienna

July 03rd, 2024
Yevheniia Symakova, News from Berlin
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On June 1, 2024, as Kenyans worldwide commemorated the 61st Madaraka Day, Ambassador Maurice Makoloo’s address in Vienna underscored the significance of this milestone in Kenya’s journey toward self-governance and the ongoing commitment to a brighter future.

Every year, Madaraka Day commemorates a significant moment in Kenya’s history. This year, it marked the 61st anniversary of the nation’s first steps toward self-governance. During a gathering in Vienna, Ambassador Maurice Makoloo highlighted the pride and unity associated with this day. It is a time to remember the resilience and determination of those who worked for Kenya’s freedom and their commitment to justice, equality and self-determination.

Ambassador Makoloo noted that Madaraka Day is not only a reflection on the past but also a celebration of present achievements and a reaffirmation of commitment to the future. The quest for self-governance, he remarked, did not end with independence but continues as the nation strives to build a more prosperous and equitable Kenya. This ongoing journey underscores the importance of unity and collective progress.

The gathering in Vienna, thousands of kilometers from home, showcased the strong connection Kenyans maintain with their homeland. This diaspora event highlighted the significance of independence, which has provided global opportunities and ensured safety and dignity for Kenyans abroad. Ambassador Makoloo emphasized the responsibility to preserve the legacy of independence and pass it on to future generations, stressing the crucial role of youth in shaping the nation’s future.

Addressing the younger generation, Ambassador Makoloo acknowledged their energy, creativity and passion as important for Kenya’s future. He encouraged the youth to adopt emerging technologies and address global challenges such as climate change and threats to peace and security. By doing so, they represent the hope and potential of Kenya, contributing to a promising future for the nation.

Ambassador Makoloo expressed appreciation for the Kenyan diaspora, recognizing their focus, resilience, discipline and hard work. He noted the important contributions of remittances, skills, knowledge and technological transfers to national development. The ongoing engagement of the diaspora with the government, including in policy formulation, is valued. Ambassador Makoloo encouraged the diaspora to stay connected with the embassy and to support each other.

The ambassador expressed gratitude to Austria for its long-standing partnership with Kenya. He welcomed Mr. Robert Zischg, Director of the Department for Sub-Saharan Africa and the African Union at the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, as the Chief Guest. This partnership has played a significant role in promoting diplomatic relations and mutual cooperation.

In conclusion, Ambassador Makoloo encouraged all Kenyans to celebrate Madaraka Day with pride and confidence. He expressed hope for a future of abundance within Kenya’s borders and stressed the importance of collective effort in achieving this goal. The ambassador conveyed that Kenya’s journey of self-governance and progress continues, guided by unity, resilience and a shared commitment to a better future.

Happy Madaraka Day!


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