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Spanish Film Industry Rolls Out Red Carpet

October 31st, 2014

News from Berlin - For the third consecutive year, Berlin will host the Spanish Film Festival, which will take place at Babylon Kino from Saturday, November 1st.

This year the range of possibilities is very high; there are 70 scheduled activities: screenings, events and conferences. This Spanish Film Festival aims to escape from commercial movies, focusing on the "other reality" of Spanish cinema: an alternative one.

With the wide variety of planned activities, the festivals not only aims to expand Spanish cinema; they also want to create a platform dedicated to discussions and learning about cinema.

As with every year, the festival features different sections. This year they have added 3 new sections: "Kaleidoscopes" (in which the riskiest films will be presented); "Juniors" (dedicated to kids) and "Open Window".

The main component of the festival is "Red Carpet". Thanks to this section, attendees will have the chance to watch films directed by well-known directors like Paco León or Alex de la Iglesia. This year the guest country is Argentina, and so most of the films which will be screened have ties with this Latin American country.

Unlike other international festivals, this film festival is not a competition . There is only the so-called "La decisión del público" in which viewers decide which will be the best film and the best documentary film.

The festival, which will take place at Babylon Kino (Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30), will last until November 9th (next Sunday). Ticket prices vary depending on the movie. Tickets can be purchased both online and in the cinema.

For further information visit http://www.sffberlin.de/es/precios-y-entradas/

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