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Scandinavian Meetingpoint Berlin: A Social and Cultural Platform

March 24th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Scandinavian Meetingpoint at Galleri Heike Arndt DK in Friedrichshain offers a social and cultural platform for Scandinavians and Germans to socialize and exchange experiences about Berlin. The monthly event, held in a gallery celebrating Nordic and German contemporary art, operates as a non-profit, casual and non-committal event designed to bring together those from the Nordic countries living in Berlin.


With art as a point of reference, Meetingpoint also frequently includes entertainment such as an exhibition tour, a lecture or a short film about Nordic culture. For Scandinavians in Berlin who want to experience Nordic art, need advice about finding accommodation or work in Berlin, or just a conversation in their native language, Galeri Heike Arndt DK would like to welcome you to Meetingpoint, a chance to network with both Germans and Scandinavians in a relaxed environment.


With more than 70 people from both Germany and the Nordic countries at the last event, the number of participants is continuously increasing, with more than 1,600 fans on Facebook. Held on the first Wednesday of every month (from 7pm to 10pm), the next Scandinavian Meetingpoint will take place on April 2nd at Galeri Heike Arndt DK. The next event will also feature the new exhibition from the Galleri, Hans Ticha’s “Selection”: an exhibition of German graphic work, drawings and oil paintings from the 1970’s until today. For more information, head to http://berlin.heike-arndt.dk/scandinavian-meetingpoint .


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