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Leinemann Foundation Award in Czech Center in Berlin

October 07th, 2014
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News from Berlin Global - The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU) in cooperation with the Leinemannn Foundation have organized a student competition with a monetary prize for the three best artistic works. The exhibition will be held at the Czech Embassy in Berlin and will run until 9.10.2014 between 2pm and 7pm Monday to Thursday.

For this competition, the candidates must produce artwork connected with the topic of “traditional architecture and architecture of nowadays”. In the second round, the internationally recognized Commission decide on the best competition entries and announce a winner of the entire competition.

The exhibition is led by Markus Huemer, lead pedagogue of the New Medias Atelier and Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and exhibits the 15 chosen pieces that passed the first round. To facilitate an understanding of the candidate’s work, a bilingual catalogue has been published in German and Czech.

The chosen artists for this year’s competition are: Dominik Gajarský, Jakub Geltner, Petr Gruber, Jan Harant, Pavlína Hlavsová, Vojtěch Jemelka, Petra Lelláková, Adéla Lustigová, Barbora Krninská, Petra Křivová, Barbora Masaříková, Petr Tej, Filip Švehla, Adam Velíšek, Jana Vojnárová.

On the gala evening three winners were awarded a monetary prize from the Leiman Stiflung Foundation. First place was taken by Jana Vojnárová for the “Sleeping (2014)” painting, the second place went to Jakub Geltner for his prints inspired by technical paints “The Grand Plan (2013-2014)” and third position was won by Petra Křivová for the creation “Power is sometimes where I do not expect it (2014)”.

Do not hesitate to visit this exhibition in order to have the chance to explore some Czech art talent in Berlin.

The full program of the event:




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