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Germany, an Ice Cream Nation

August 05th, 2014
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News from Berlin – When diners think of Germany they will most likely think of its traditional heavy kitchen with foods like, Schweinshaxe, Sauerkraut, Pretzels, various types of sausages and beer.

Yet a new product is having a breakthrough on the German market. Ice cream has achieved staggering number of sales on the German market.  In 2013 Germany produced 627 million liters of ice cream, achieving a profit of 2 billion euros, becoming the most valuable ice cream market in Europe.

It is clear that Germans have a high desire for ice cream. According to several reports German citizens under 18 only eat 15 percent of the yearly produced ice cream, while on the other hand, German citizens over 55 eat up to 40 percent of the ice cream produced.

Germany has a long and well-known history with ice cream, which can be traced back to the 19th century. One of the first renowned ice cream inventors in Germany were the Sarcletti family in 1879 from Munich, who are still serving their ice cream today. But it was not until the mid 20th century, with the first waves of Italian immigrants, when ice cream rose to fame.

Today, ice cream in Germany has become something like a work of art. Thanks to its many German-Italian descendants, Germany now offers far more ice cream flavours than vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, with new flavours such as champagne, beer, tuna and many more reaching the German ice cream markets every day.

In this regard, enjoy the ice creams that Germany has to offer.

Buon appetito!

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