Celebration of the Brazilian Carnival in Berlin

This Sunday 3rd March, a Brazilian party at Festaal Kreuzberg, celebrates the carnival with a traditional meal, music and colorful costumes

February 28th, 2019
Elisa Vallette, News from Berlin
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This Friday March 1st, 2019, marks the beginning of the Carnival of Brazil, an annual week-long festival, celebrated in Brazil, but also around the world. In Berlin, the Brazilian diaspora have an opportunity not to miss this famous cultural tradition. Indeed, the Brazilian Embassy of Berlin shared an event on its Facebook Page: the Roda de Feijoada, taking place this Sunday afternoon, 3rd March, 2019, at Festaal Kreuzberg, from 13h to 21h.

The event invites everyone to come dressed-up, and even suggests for those creating their own costumes, a good shop to buy nice carnival stuffs: Deko Behrendt. The Brazilian party, open to all nationalities, will feature confetti and serpentines. A delicious Feijoada, a traditional cassoulet, much appreciated by the Portuguese and Brazilians, will be served (at an extra cost of 6E). Samba dance workshops are also available, along with DJs playing Brazilian music and a Fanfarre band. Music, food and art together, make the perfect mix for a fun cultural Sunday afternoon!

Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil and has become a huge event, attracting almost 5 million people in Rio de Janeiro every year. Surprisingly, its origin is associated with Catholicism. The word carnival is derived from the Latin carne vale, which means “goodbye flesh.” Indeed, Catholic worshippers fasted during 40 days of Lent to prepare for Easter. The Portuguese settlers brought this festival from Europe when they colonized Brazil in the early 1600s. While first celebrated by the Portuguese elites, the Afro-Brazilians started their own carnival with African-inspired dances, music and the introduction of fancy dresses that mocked the white Brazilian elite. Nowadays, the initial Catholic event has turned into the world’s largest outdoor party.

Brazil, which has received migratory flows from diverse origin, is proud of its unique colorful culture. This event in Berlin is the opportunity to promote Brazilian culture, bring people from diverse horizons together and establish inter-cultural bonds. Happy Carnival!


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