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An Interactive Discussion with Ben Moses on the ‘The Impact of the Social Media on Democracy and Cultural Diplomacy’

May 28th, 2014


News from Berlin - On May 14th the ICD was privileged to be joined by the celebrated American filmmaker and producer Ben Moses at the ICD House for an afternoon discussion on ‘The Impact of the Social Media on Democracy and Cultural Diplomacy’. Ben Moses’ most celebrated works includes ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’ and ‘A Whisper to a Roar’. He was also involved with the ‘I Am a Ukrainian’ video which he directed and edited.

Having been born and raised in southern Illinois Moses had never been in contact with other cultures until he embarked upon a career in radio at the age of 16. The radio enabled him to become familiar with voices from all across the America extending to across the global periphery.

Moses explained in detail about the impact of social media on democracy, having produced the video ‘I am an Ukranian’ which fights for democracy in Ukraine. He stressed that social media allows opinions to be voiced from anyone about any issue that he or she thinks people need to know about. His examples covered the social media revolution of Egypt amongst others.

The discussion with Ben Moses allowed for real life experiences to be voiced about the impact that cultural diplomacy can have on individuals’ lives and how it is an important tool which becomes steered and driven through social media.

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