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An Ecuadorian Film to Discuss Migration

August 05th, 2014

News from Berlin - Meet Abelardo, a young immigrant from Ecuador living in Germany without a residence permit. His mother is sick back in Guayaquil, and does not have a proper health insurance to cover the expenses of her treatment. Therefore, Abelardo tries to find work while hiding from the police at the same time. That is the plot of the short film that will be played in the Lateinamerika-Forum Berlin the 7th of August.

The film, named Ohne Papiere in Deutschland, is made by Mauricio Estrella and Valentin Thurn, and was launched back in 2007. The film is part of a large group of similar-style movies that emerged in recent years in Ecuador. Although the exact topics of these movies differ from one filmmaker to another, all films have the same overlapping theme of describing the challenges and changes that Ecuador and its citizens face today.

The screening of the film at the Lateinamerika-Forum will be used as an introduction to a debate on several topics that are crucial for the understanding of migration from Latin American countries to Europe. One of the topics that will be addressed is the reason why so many people decided to migrate from Latin America  to Europe over the past three decades, something which is clearly influenced by the social and economic situation in Latin-American countries some decades ago.

According to the information provided by the Lateinamerika-Forum, the screening and discussion on the 7th of August is part of a series of debates on Spanish and Portuguese film culture. These debates take place every first Thursday of the month at19.00, and will be screened in Portuguese or Spanish. If necessary, German and English subtitles will be made available however, making the screenings and follow-up discussions something anybody will be happy to attend.

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