1st Festival of Quinua and Papa

On the 18th and 19th of May, there will be two days full of music, color, traditional dances, and gastronomy

May 08th, 2024
Marina R. Ferrández Esclapez, News from Berlin
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The event will take place on May 18 and 19 at ICD (Academy for Cultural DIplomacy). Quinua y Papa are two symbols of Peruvian culture and the entire region, hence the name of the event.

The event has sought to create a festival based on Andean diversity. There will be typical food and they will have the presence of kjarkas, which is a type of folk music originating in Capinota, Cochabamba, Bolivia. The kjarkas are a symbol that represents their ancestors and their roots.

The gastronomic stands will have causa limeña or quinoa soup among others. In addition, beer made from quinoa will be presented during the festival.

The event will open its doors at 1:00 pm, but will begin around 3:00 pm. There will be a large number of guest artists, such as music groups, dancers, singers or DJs. More than three Latin American bands will come from different cities in Germany, there will be salsa, Peruvian chicha, cumbia, Mexican dancers from Brazil and Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina so that there is multicultural variety so that people feel at home.

Tickets can be found online at the following link or physically in different restaurants in Berlin , Hamburg, Cologne or Frankfurt.



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