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X Jazz Festival Berlin

May 07th, 2014
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News from Berlin -The X Jazz festival will be held for the first time in Berlin from the May 8th till May 11th 2014. During the event more than 45 musicians, singers and songwriters will be performing pieces from different fields of jazz such as traditional jazz, electronic jazz, and neoclassical jazz. The event is focused around Berlin’s jazz scene, where artists who live and work in Berlin are collaborating for the event.

“The point of the event for us is to represent the spirit of the new music scene. There are no genre borders anymore. The musicians will just jam together and have fun.” said Sebastian Studnitzky, the curator of the festival.

6 clubs will host the festival in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain such as BiNuu, Privatclub, Monarch, Radialsystem V, EmmausKirche and FluxBau. The clubs locations are directly next to the Spree river and they are within walking distance of public transport.

The ticket prices start at 13.50 euros.
Find more information about the lineup and tickets at:

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