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Well Played-Arabische Filmtage in Berlin

Organized by the Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, this festival aims to underline the central role women play in the Arab World

November 18th, 2016
Alicia Hoor, News from Berlin

The western media often portrays women in the Arab World as weak and oppressed. However in reality they are often extraordinarily strong, despite adverse conditions: they take care of and manage their families and are often solely responsible for ensuring the survival of their family. They also play an active role in political life, champion social causes, refuse to accept traditional role models, and fight for more participation and democracy.

The Arabic Film Festival is showcasing a large number of short movies, documentaries and feature films that, despite being remarkable for their depiction of the everyday life of women and their entourage in the Arab World, were never shown before in Berlin. The Arab Film Days concentrates especially on movies giving a voice to ordinary, yet courageous women, who are refusing or reinventing the rules and social norms in their countries.

Between 17th November and 20th November, those interested have the opportunity to watch movies by both well-known and emerging filmmakers from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, the Yemen and the United Arab Emirates. Their movies show the diversity of strong and brave women in the Arab world – in films that captivate, inspire and give cause for reflection.

The event is organized in cooperation with Zitty Berlin, Kino in der KulturBrauerei and Beirut DC.

You can find more details about the program on the webpage of the Böll Stiftung, and tickets are available from the beginning of November for 7,50 Euro per person, with a reduced price of 5 Euro.


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