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Welcome to Germany

Germany’s Soft Power Strategy Regarding the Refugee Crisis

June 21st, 2017
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Germany’s decision to accept over a million refugees into its land has contributed positively to its image around the globe, specifically in the Arab world, as a country which stands up for humanity and the right for people to live in peace, regardless of their nationality or religious orientation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has played a vital role in the refugee crisis by bringing hope to millions of people. In the presence of hope, peoples attitudes are known to change dramatically, for the better. Two years ago, back in 2015, Angela Merkel allowed all stuck refugees in Hungry to immigrate to Germany. Even though this decision brought alongside it many logistical problems, and required Germany to take on a greater responsibility, it also sent an extremely powerful message.

Germany’s actions showed the country’s stance regarding human rights, and its support of people who had been forced out of their homes. Even though Germany knew other European countries might’ve been in opposition of welcoming refugees, the country fearlessly stood for what was right. Any person or family in the world wants and needs a secure place for him/her/them to live in, and Germany stood for this basic human right. It stood for humanity.

However, the influx of refugees into Germany came at a cost. Some refugees’ attitudes weren’t appropriate, and constant media focus on these actions worsened the image of refugees and increased society’s support for political populist parties, which strive for a more selective refugee-welcoming process.

In order to allow for a more positive inclusion of refugees that will be beneficial for Germany in the long run, a possible step forward could include modifying the existing laws in order to adapt them to current changing circumstances. This way, the concerns of the German population could be addressed at the same time as refugee’s needs could be attended to.