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Wannsee Beach in Berlin

July 03rd, 2014

News from Berlin - Wannsee is a lake with a beach in Berlin which has been a location for the bathing culture for more than 100 years. It is a perfect location during the summer when the weather is warm and people want to get away to relax and go swimming.

It was opened in 1907 as a so-called family swimming pool. It has over 1,275 meters of sandy beach. There is the possibility of renting the covered beach chairs, as well as there being a water slide, and many sunbathing areas on the actual beach as well as in the park.

When Berlin becomes really hot in the summer, there are up to 30,000 guests which can be accommodated as the total area measures up to 355,000 square-meters.

There are activities on site such as beach volleyball and soccer which are always attractive with the visitors. There is also a recreational facility with a park area and a promenade for strolling around and rejuvenating. Additional activities include renting boats for trips across Wannsee, children’s playgrounds and many food choices. There is also a  bungee trampoline and wicker beach shelters can be rented which is enough in order to enjoy a day at Wannsee Beach.

The Wannsee is Europe’s largest outdoor inland swimming area. It has a magnificent view, sand from the Baltic coast and is a safe swimming place for younger swimmers due to a very gradual slope.

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