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VELOBerlin Meets The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the new partner of VeloBerlin aiming to make Berlin a better city for cycling.

March 18th, 2015

Five years after it was established, the bicycle industry Velo together with the exclusive partnership of The Netherlands will present it’s entire range of products on March 21st and 22nd. 

This weekend the largest bicycle trade show will take place in Berlin at the Berlin ExpoCenter. VELOBerlin has successfully obtained 250 exhibitors in 7 halls, just in time for the beginning of spring. There will be an extensive range of trends and innovations, as the exhibition will act as a versatile platform for every person of any age with an interest in riding. Parallel to the stage, programs, shows and racing will be held.

Velokonzept is the leading agency in Germany, devoted to uniting people through cycling. They are committed to being environmentally friendly by promoting this enjoyable mode of sustainable transport. Having broad knowledge in the field and a strong network of contacts, Velokonzept has been a partner for many exhibitions, companies, ministries and municipalities. Thousands of people visit their bicycle trade fairs, conferences, campaigns and training every year.

The Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular are globally renown to be a cycling country where all corners of the city can be easily reached by bicycle, where the routes are signposted and easily accessible. Additionally, Amsterdam is a great starting point for beautiful cycling trips to surrounding areas. VeloBerlin will hopefully use this partnership to its advantage and apply its collaborative work and knowledge to Berlin city. 


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